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  1. I'm not sure I believe all this stuff about genetically modified food being bad for you... I feel fine and I just had a really tasty leg of salmon...
  2. There were actually Nine Dwarves before Snow White met them, They exiled Hungry after Tasty went missing.
  3. I asked my Japanese girlfriend to make me a traditional dish tasty enough to make me fall in love with her national cuisine. Sushi did.
  4. A son and dad are waiting in a busy, popular barber shop. Dad says, This place is a cookout... First there's a barber queue, then you get a fresh, tasty cut.
  5. What starts with C, ends with T, has U and N in the middle, is really hairy, and has lots of tasty liquid inside? ;) A coconut.
  6. Why couldn't the chef make a tasty dish? He never had enough thyme.
    (I wish I could say my 4 year old came up with this, but I don't have kids.)
  7. I heard that Hillary Clinton is actually made of tofu. She's white, bland, uninspiring and not tasty unless dipped in melty cheese.
  8. Why yes I'm also a member of PETA and an animal rights person Yup I'm a Preferred Eater of Tasty Animals and all animals have a right to be served on my plate.
  9. "Are you going to eat those chocolates with grandma?" asked my wife. I said, "No, I can't imagine she's very tasty."
  10. I can't understand people who don't like dogs I've tried them in China and they're pretty tasty.

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  1. What do you call a pastry that is yummy, tasty, and delicious? A synonym roll.
  2. What is both easy and tasty? Piece of cake!
  3. Professional female athletes are tasty because they're chick contenders
  4. Haggis It sounds offal but it's pretty tasty
  5. A tasty dish made by Voldemort Avada - kebab- ra...
  6. Don't pick your nose and eat it, it may look tasty... But it's snot.
  7. What happened to the tasty noun? Verbatim.
  8. When is a door sweet and tasty?
    When its jammed!
  9. Yeah, I'm a part of PETA People for the Eating of Tasty Animals
  10. What numbers are tasty when dipped in cheese? Fibonacho numbers
  11. I'm a member of PETA now People
  12. Some men are like donuts Sweet and tasty looking but once inside, you feel only regret...
  13. Q: When is a door sweet and tasty?
    A: When it’s jammed!
  14. About tasty steaks. You knowing the art of making a steak is a rare medium well done.
  15. Why are my recipes so tasty? My secret ingredient is placebo.

Tasty joke, Why are my recipes so tasty?

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My uncle wants to publish a cookbook that teaches people how to prepare nutritious and tasty meals using the kinds of meagre rations that are available in the aftermath of a hurricane/earthquake/flood/etc.

I told him it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

A man went hunting in Alaska.

A man was hunting in Alaska when he found himself confronted by a small, agitated bear. In order to survive, he shot it. Feeling hungry, he decided to utilize it and cook dinner in the woods.
It was tasty, even though it was a little grizzly.

I tried to find out why my cat kept l**... itself...

turns out its actually quite tasty.

One man he is rapper

He go to rap battle
He say to he enemy: i will make sick rap now
So what he do: he pull out chicken and salad and he put all in burrito bread and he roll and he say: here this wrap it is very tasty: eat it!!
He enemy: oh yes, this taste really good, it is a sick wrap!
so both go home and are not hungry^^^^^^^^^^freelx

I had a really tasty vegan steak last week.

Changing the subject, anyone know a good lawyer for defending a m**... case?

My wife accidentally ordered way too many chicken strips for lunch

She was quite upset about, as she hates wasting food. My daughter I were quite happy to have some tasty junk food for dinner though. I said to my wife "We could do this again, I don't mind eating KFC. I hope this wasn't just a s**... tease!"

I work with mentally disabled people. Today I tried to tell a client the nacho cheese joke.

"Hey, you have nachos! What do you call cheese that isn't yours?"
"Tasty!" -Holds up a-okay sign-
" aren't wrong!"
Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

I put my tongue in coco

I found it peasant and tasty. Then I put my tongue in Ice-t...and he punched me. His wife still calls though.

I was freezing out in the middle of the woods when I stumbled upon a mean-looking hunter sat by a campfire...

He was roasting his fresh kill feet first and the smell had me salivating for a bit of that tasty grub.
He gave me a dirty look and made it clear he didn't want to share any.
I begged him for a bite to help me warm up but he just gave me the cold shoulder.

Eating sushi is a win win

You get a nice, tasty snack AND there's a chance you'll die of mercury poisoning.

Tasty joke, Eating sushi is a  win win

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