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Tasteless but SFW

What do you call a group of elderly virgins?

Dried Cherries

Tasteless V D humor

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I've got a hard on
You know what to do

Have you ever tasted a baby wookie?

It's good, but still a little Chewie.

Tast joke, Have you ever tasted a baby wookie?

Taste the soup

A guy eating in a restaurant calls the waiter.
-Please taste the soup.

The confused waiter asks:
-Is the soup too hot?
-Just taste the soup...

-Is the soup too cold?
-Taste the soup.

-Is there a fly in the soup?
-Taste the soup!

The waiter, tired of guessing, gives up.
-Alright, alright, I'll taste the soup. Where's the spoon?

What is something that tastes better than it smells?

A tongue

Tasteless Joke

Whats the hardest part about raping a deaf girl?

Breaking her fingers so she doesn't tell anyone.

What is the tastiest liquid in a fruit?

The IV Drip

Tast joke, What is the tastiest liquid in a fruit?

A tasteless joke.

People who can't hear are called deaf.
People who can't see are called blind.
People who can't talk are called mute.

What do you call people that can't taste food?


About tasty steaks.

You knowing the art of making a steak is a rare medium well done.

What tastes good?


Is this tasteless or insensitive? I'm just checking before I laugh.

Mesothelioma. Me kill you long time.

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Is this tasteless or insensitive? I'm just checking before I laugh.

What does it taste like to go down on a senior citizen?


Have you tasted Somalian food?

Neither have they.

What's the tastiest part of a floppy disk?

The cookie!

What tastes sweet and swings from tree to tree?


Tast joke, What tastes sweet and swings from tree to tree?

What is the tastiest car ever?

The BMW I8.

What's tasteless and usually drunk at breakfast?

Lindsay Lohan.

Has anyone ever tasted novocaine?

It's really nummy.

I tasted my friends beat soup and something was missing

The snare reverb! Staga dish

You cannot taste me, until you undress me.

- Banana, 2017

Have you ever tasted traditional Nigerian food?

No? Neither have they.....

You're never really alone...

you always have your tastebuds with you.

What tastes good but doesn't smell good?

A tongue.


Ever tasted Ethiopian food?

Neither have they.

What tastes better than 20 Chicken McNuggets?

A bullet.

What's the tastiest kind of humour?


Yo momma's so tasteless

She could be served on an airplane.

What's the tastiest country?


Have you tasted baby Wookie meat?

They say it's a little Chewie

My taste in women is much like my taste in wine

Right now i like them younger, sweeter, and prettier. As i age, i start to like them older, more bitter, and contributing to my alcoholism.

What does 69 taste like to a 69 year old?


If everything tastes like chicken how does the chicken taste?

Dad : with its beak

Taste of Love

After 10 years of marriage John decides to spice up his sex life.
He buys various flavored condoms and when he comes home he blindfolds his wife and leads her to the bedroom.
Mary, I want you to go down on me and tell me what flavor condom I'm wearing!


Wait wait let me put one on first!

What is the tastiest speech ever given?

The Spaghettisburg Address!

Have you ever tasted spicy lentils?

They're puy caliente.

Why is my taste in woman like an airport?

Too much baggage and you're not getting anywhere

What do taste buds call their friends?

Taste buddies.

A tasteless joke you've probably never heard,

smelled, felt. But now you've seen it.

What tastes better than it looks?

A tongue

[Tasteless] Lost my great uncle in the Holocaust

Dumbass fell off the guard tower.

I had my first taste of sobriety this week

It's an odd name for a beer, but it tastes really good. Highly recommend.

What does it taste loke when you go down on an old lady?


A tasty dish made by Voldemort

Avada - KEBAB- ra...

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