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Why was the ninja so good at baking pastries?

Because he had a black belt in martial tarts.

If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day but...

if you teach a kid how to make pop tarts your job as a parent is pretty much done

What's the difference between a belly dancer and an incompetent pastry chef?

One shakes body parts and the other bakes shoddy tarts.

Tarts joke, What's the difference between a belly dancer and an incompetent pastry chef?

Online dating is like a bakery

You've got the flakes, the fruitcakes, and the tarts.

What do Disney and Kellogg's have in common?

They both make pop tarts.

What do you call a competition to judge who can consume the most tarts in the name of God?

A Piety Contest

Ryu wanted to confess to his lady-crush Chun Li....

So he baked some white fudge treacle tarts and put them down on a table. Ken walked up and was like, "ooh, these tarts smell delicious" and he started to pick one up, when Ryu grabbed the whole plate and did a jumping-spinning kick at Ken while yelling "THESE TARTS AREN'T FOR YOU KEN!"

Tarts joke, Ryu wanted to confess to his lady-crush Chun Li....

What does an actor eat for breakfast?

Prop tarts.

Bonus: What does an actor eat for a snack?

A: Prop corn.

They found a cure for pedophiles. They turn them into dyslexics...

... so they go around looking for Pop Tarts instead of tot parts.

[SFW] What's long & thin, covered in skin, red in parts and comes in tarts?


What does Mr. Kipling do in his spare time?

Pumps cream into tarts.

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