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What do you call a Gungan with bad dental hygiene?

Tartar Binks

Penguin is driving down the road...

when his car breaks down. He gets it towed to the nearest mechanic who tells him it will be a while before it's fixed, so he goes to the diner next door to get some lunch while he waits.
He comes back an hour or so later and asks the mechanic what happened with his car...mechanic tells him that he blew a seal. He looks at the mechanic, wipes his lip, and says 'nope, that's just tartar sauce.'

Why do l**... have belly b**...?

To hold the tartar sauce.

What do fish sticks use to get their motors running?

Tartar Fluid.

What was the dentist's horrific gastronomical invention?

Tartar sauce.

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