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I was fired for sending one of my students to detention "for being tardy".

Special education just wasn't for me.

Today I gave a student detention for being tardy

I was then fired from my job as a special ed. teacher

Why do special Ed classes always start late

Because everyone is a little tardy.

Do special ed teachers mark late students as tardy?

i have no shame.

If a mentally challenged midget is late to an appointment...

... can you justifiably call them "a little tardy"?

I believe, if you're in Special Ed, and you're late to class...'s politically incorrect to say you're tardy.

If a special ed kid is late to class

Is it morally wrong to call him tardy?

Tardy joke, If a special ed kid is late to class

If a special needs kid is late for class...

Is it ok to call him tardy?

I got fired from my job as a teacher for sending a student to the office for being tardy

Apparently, it's not acceptable behavior for a special ed teacher

If a mentally challenged person shows up late

Is it ok to call him tardy?

Why do the special needs kids never get in trouble for being late to class?

They're expected to be a little tardy...

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What did the special education teacher say to one of their students that was late?

You're tardy!

If you're late for Special ED class...

Is it ok for the teacher to call you Tardy?

What did the egg say to his teacher when he was tardy? [OC]

Sorry omelette

What do you call a midget with Down's Syndrome who arrives to class late?

A little tardy.

If a special ed kid is late for school

Is it politically incorrect to give them a "Tardy" slip?

Tardy joke, If a special ed kid is late for school

That's a very good question?🤔

If a kid is late for special education, is it ok to call him tardy?

What was the tardy judge's first word at the witch trial?


Is it wrong...?

Is it wrong to call a retarded kid tardy when he's late?

What happens to communists who are late to class?

The get marxed tardy.

If a midget with down syndrome is a late to class, is it okay to call him a little tardy?

Why did the boy with downs syndrome get detention?

He was a little tardy.

Did you guys hear about the group of people working at google who ended up not only getting a sex change but came into work tardy?

They were _google translate_


I used to be punctual, but now I'm always tardy

I guess I'm a... translate.

Why can't a special ed student be late for class?

Because he's already tardy.

My special-ed girlfriend may be pregnant...

Her period's tardy.

Tardy joke, My special-ed girlfriend may be pregnant...

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