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I found out my friend is addicted to math.

I should have known. All the sines were there. He had a hard time functioning, and he would go off on tangents all the time. Such a shame - he was in his prime, his life was on a great vector. He wanted to write the next 'Matrix'. But now, he can't differentiate between what is real and what is imaginary. It's so complex. I'm afraid his problems will start to multiply exponentially, and he just doesn't understand the root of it all. Pretty soon he won't be able to integrate at all. And just to add to the trouble, those he defines as 'friends' just want to divide his space between themselves. I'm afraid soon he'll go off into the Great Unknown...

Two tangents meet at a bar

After a long evening the one tangent says: "That was fun, we should meet again!"
The other: "You know that isn't going to happen!"

Geometry class brought out the worst in me...

I used to go off on tangents.

Differential calculus professors suck.

They always go off on tangents.

What's the worst aspect about Calculus teachers?

They always go off on tangents in class.

My mathematics teacher was useless

She always went off on tangents

There was once a soap opera called "Touched By An Angle"

but most episodes just went off on tangents

My calculus teacher kept pulling up internet videos.

I really think he needed to stay on the straight and narrow; he went off on too many tangents.

Why is trigonometry so hard to talk about?

You always end up going off onto tangents.

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