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Learn more about tangent jokes, the humorous look at the math behind the equation of sine, cosine and tangent. Discover the less-known irrational curve and its importance in mathematics. Get ready to tap into your inner math geek!

Silly Tangent Jokes for a Good Time with Friends

So there was this guy who flew so close to the sun he was able to touch it in exactly one spot...

...after that, he was a real tangent.

My attempt at a sexy math joke

A sine wave and a cosine wave are trying to have a baby. They are deeply religious so the only position they are able to do is missionary. After many attempts they think they might have conceived a child. The cosine wave grabs a pregnancy test, goes into the bathroom, and comes out a couple of minutes later. The sine wave says "well is it negative or positive?" and the cosine wave says "no, it's tangent."

I asked my math teacher if he wanted to rent an apartment with me

Then he went on some tangent about needing a co-sign.

I think my girlfriend has a trigonometry fetish

because every time I talk to her she gets off on a tangent.

jokes about tangent

Hey girl, are you a derivative function?

Cuz I wanna be tangent to your curves.

How did the trigonometry teacher, prone to waffling, commit suicide?

Before he went off on a tangent, he hanged himself with a hypote-noose.

What's the difference between a Trump interview ad-lib, and a Person of Color?

One's a tangent; the other a tan gent.

Tangent joke, What's the difference between a Trump interview ad-lib, and a Person of Color?

Why was the triangle late to work?

He went on a tangent.

Two tangents meet at a bar

After a long evening the one tangent says: "That was fun, we should meet again!"
The other: "You know that isn't going to happen!"

A tangent applied for a credit card, but was denied.

He couldn't find anyone willing to cosine.

Why do you always follow your instinct when doing trigonometry?

Beacuse you might have secant thoughts and go off on a tangent

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What do you call a man who went to the beach all summer?

A tangent

I wish I was your derivative,

So I can lie tangent to your curves.

What was the geometry student looking for, at the beach?

A tangent.

My maths teacher is like a line that touches a point on a curve

He goes on a tangent but he always gets to the point.

Hey baby, can I take your derivative....

So I can lay tangent to those curves.

Tangent joke, Hey baby, can I take your derivative....

Don't get me started on trigonometry...

I'll go on a tangent.

What do you call a super kind man who spends too much time on the beach?

A tangent

Thanksgiving is here, and I love trigonometry

sorry, I went off on a tangent.

My friend went on a tangent

I think it was a sine

I can never calculate the derivative of a curve.

Every time I try, I go off on a tangent.

I had a trig teacher that could never stay focused...

He always went off on a tangent.

I don't know for certain, but it could be a sine of something serious.

I've got a fetish for geometry.

Sorry, I'm getting off on a tangent right now.

Why did the trigonometruc function cross the street?

It did not want to lie tangent to it

I was going to talk about men sunbathing...

...But I don't want to go off on a tangent.

Did you hear about the object undergoing centripetal acceleration...

It went on a tangent

Tangent joke, Did you hear about the object undergoing centripetal acceleration...

If a triangle goes off on a rant...

Is it a TAN-gent

During math class, I was adjacent to the person of the opposite sex.

Our ratio is a bit of a tangent you know?

Hey babe, can I be your first derivative?

Because I want to lie tangent to your curves...

I never was a good trigonometry teacher....

I always went off on a tangent.

My girlfriend told me I'm like negative cosine multiplied by tangent...

My friends told me not to worry about it, but I think it's a negative sine.

To not go off on a tangent

simply stay on the derivative.

I can never seem to focus on conversations about circles

I always seem to go off on a tangent

"Hey, Bill, what do you think of this new super-hero comic I'm working on? It's about an ant-size tangent line that has x-ray vision."

"Sounds cool, but isn't that a little derivative?"

My friend and I were having a heated argument about the angle of a triangle

Things got messy and we went off tangent

Why did sine get on top of cosine?

She wanted to be tangent

I think this guy at the beach has gone mad while sunbathing, he won't stop talking about trigonometry!

He's a tan gent on a tangent tangent.

Trump's wall barely touches a small portion of the entire U.S.

No wonder everyone thinks he's off on a tangent.

People that go off on a tangent are so annoying

Just learn to stay in the circle.

I had a really good discussion with my calculus professor today

but after a while, it started going off on a really weird tangent.

Why was the math lecture so long?

The professor kept going off on a tangent.

A mysterious force drug a pirate ship closer to the Bermuda Triangle, alarming the captain.

The captain asked the lookout in the the crow's nest what he saw.

The lookout replied, "Captain, we be sailing tangent to stormy seas. It be a sine the secant be good."

The captain responded, "Aye, the sea put this here crew in a triggy situation."

What do you call a mathematician who spends all summer in the sun?

A tangent.

If Jesus died for our sin...

Who died for our cosine and tangent?

I got fired from my job as a math teacher

I was supposed to teach the kids what sine divided by cosine was, but I kept going off on a tangent.

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