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Why do tampons have strings?

Because crabs like to bungee jump too.

Told this to my friend's dad.His answer:So you can floss when you're done eating.

What do a tampon and a redsox season ticket holder have in common?

Both have a great place to go but at a terrible time.

Why do tampons have strings?

So crabs can go bungee jumping

Tamp joke, Why do tampons have strings?

Tampax: We're not the best thing...

but we're next to it!

Why do tampons have strings...

so men can floss after they eat.

I want Tampax!

A little boy was asked by his mom what he would like for his birthday. He answered immediately: "I want Tampax!"

The mother was shocked, then asked him why in the world he would want that for his birthday.

"Because it says in the commercials that with Tampax you can go swimming, ride a horse, or go to a party any time you a want to.

Tampon or pads?


Tamp joke, Tampon or pads?

So there's this new tampon...

So there's this new tampon in the store, and he's complaining about how he hates his job and wishes he was something better. His complaining starts to really annoy everyone when an older tampon walks up, slaps him, and looks him sternly in the eyes and says, "Suck it up."

Tampon thieves

They really know how to pull some strings.

Why was the tampon flying down the school hallway?

He was late for his next period.

Why do tampons have strings attached?

So you can floss after you eat.

Alt ending: So the crabs can bungee jump.

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The Tampax 300

It's Memorial Day and NASCAR is running the Tampax 300...

It's completely sold out but I knew someone who got me two tickets.

I had to pull a few strings, though.

What did one tampon say to the other tampon?

"wassup blud"

What do tampons and renaissance art have in common?

You get upset when your dog tears up either of them because they are period pieces.

If tampons are "sanitary napkins"... unsanitary must regular napkins be?

Why do tampons have strings?

So vampires don't burn their fingers while making tea.

Tamp joke, Why do tampons have strings?

Tampax has announced that they will be taking the string off tampons and replacing it with tinsel.

This is for the Christmas period only.

Q. What is Tampons new slogan?

A. We may not be #1 but we're up there!

Who do you not want to see with a tampon?

The Kool-Aid Man

I'm like a tampon

something that your girl needs in there at least once a month

Why did the tampon quit its job?

It couldn't handle the workflow!

Tampax are releasing a tampon with tinsel attached to it...

It's for the Christmas period.

The tampon was invented by a man.

Let that sink in.

Tampons on sale

A woman goes into the drug store and notices a large stack of tampons in the corner with a sign above saying: "Special Offer, Five Boxes for $2.50"

She says to the assistant. What's the catch"?

The assistant replies "It's a genuine offer, five boxes for $2.50, no strings attached.

Tampax has been protecting women for 80 years.

That's quite a long period.

And as they say in the tampon biz...

See you next period!

Why do tampons have strings?

So you have something to floss with when you're done eating

Tampax are considering using tinsel instead of string

Just for the Christmas period

Tampax is bringing out a special edition tampon and are replacing the string with tinsel....

It's only for the Christmas period.

Tampon jokes

My girlfriend said she didn't think we were going to be able to have sex tonight because she was on her period. I told her I would see if I could pull some strings and make it happen.

Why do tampons have strings?

Because crabs like to bungee jump

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