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What's the difference between a blonde kick line and a talented magician? (sorry if this is an old one)

Well, the magician has a CUNNING array of STUNTS.

The Jewish way

As a Jew I have a soft spot for jokes about my own people, and this is one of my favorites that isn't so well known.

A Jewish man walks into a whorehouse. The madame asks him what he'd like. He asks if any of the women there can have sex "the Jewish way". Puzzled, she goes to each of the unoccupied rooms, and asks the woman inside if she's familiar with having sex the Jewish way. Finally, they get to the last room. Inside is a prostitute who's extremely talented, and is one of the most expensive in the area. She asks, "do you know how to have sex the Jewish way? This man's looking for a woman who does". She responds, "no, I haven't. But to stay at the top of my profession, I'm always looking to improve. If you teach me how to have sex the Jewish way, we'll do that free of charge".

The man accepts the offer, and they have sex. She's surprised to find that it's just regular sex! Afterwards, she asks "What were you talking about, 'the Jewish way'? You just had sex with me, the most expensive hooker in town, for free?!" He smiles and replies, "that's the Jewish way!".

She told me I was a talented lover

I told her I studied a broad.

Talented joke, She told me I was a talented lover

Talented Octopus

A man walks into a bar with and octopus under his arms. He then stands up on the bar and shouts for everyone inside to hear. "I will bet anyone here 200 dollars that this octopus can play any instrument you give it". Everyone is a buzz and the bartender hands him a guitar that was hanging on the wall. The Octopus takes the guitar and strums on it with great enthusiasm and plays a beautiful arrangement. Another man pulls a harmonica out of his pocket and again, the octopus plays it superbly. A jazz band hands him all of there instruments and the octopus plays them all with amazing skill. Then, a Scottish man wearing a kilt comes up to the octopus and hands it his bagpipes. The octopus, looks at it confusingly then begins to fumble with the instrument. "Ay, you can't play er, can ye" The Scotsman says with a thick accent. The octopus responds "Play her? I'm going to screw her as soon as I get these pajamas off"

A talented artist sculpts a dog out of melons.

After it looks perfect, he takes a picture of it, then starts eating it. He is suddenly very sad.

He was full of *melon-collie*.

Why are all painters talented?

It comes to them easel-y.

John Wilkes Booth wasn't a talented actor

but he got booked a lot based on the strength of his headshot.

Talented joke, John Wilkes Booth wasn't a talented actor

Its terrible how so few black people get nominated for an Oscar

It's so sad they're not as talented as white people.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually a talented composer with a love for classical music!

His newest album is titled, "I'll Be Bach."

What do you call someone talented at cooking turkey?

A master-baster.

Have a great thanksgiving.

I got into a fight with my father when I told him Jim Morrison wasn't talented.

He forced me to go to my room. I slammed my door behind me, and my dad said, "Don't you ever slam The Doors in my house again!"

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I'm not a very talented person, but I do have the ability to identify any German sausage on sight.

Could be wurst..

Why was the musically talented tomato angry at the strawberries?

Because he wasn't invited to the jam session.


I think the best analogy for where we are right now is that America is Elvis Presley -- the most beautiful, talented, rebellious nation in the history of Earth. And now, you're in your Vegas years. You've squeezed yourself into a white jumpsuit, you're wheezing your way through 'Love Me Tender' and you might be about to pass away bloated on the toilet. But you're still the King.

Why do electricians like talented train drivers?

Because they're good conductors

When she told me I was the most talented, funniest, handsomest man she ever met

I knew this chick was nuts

Talented joke, When she told me I was the most talented, funniest, handsomest man she ever met

I just got a ladder in my tights.

I truly am a talented shoplifter

A talented unemployed singer is like communism

Sounds good, doesn't work.

What do you call an elephant that can climb a tree?


Why did Iron Man go to a magnet school?

I don't know, he must be exceptionality talented in arts or something...

Now that Brazil is out of the World Cup they should go help the Thai kids stuck in that cave...

After all they're the world's most talented divers.

In what region do the most talented cat owners live?

The Catskills

What do you call an exceptionally talented puppy?

A *prodoggy.*

Talented back kric ruuuuuner diabolic

Did hoisting work?+ha+

TIL That several actors go into complete isolation to prep for their films

Didn't know so many talented people wanted to make a biopic on me!

My grandfather was a very talented blacksmith

He could do all swords of things

I am so talented that I can close my eyes and type this


A bus full of cheerleaders went off a cliff

Miraculously, all twenty of them managed to grab onto the same branch sticking out of the cliffside. There were nineteen beautiful blondes and one brunette. The brunette saw the branch was starting to break, so she made a decision.

"Listen ladies," she said. "As skinny as we are, this branch can't hold all our weight. You're all so beautiful and talented, so I'm going to let go in hopes that it's enough to save your lives. Tell my family I love them."

The blondes were so moved by her selfless sacrifice that they gave her a round of applause.

Daddy, why are you so fat?

Well, honey, being smart, handsome, rich, talented, AND thin just wouldn't be fair, now would it?

So I think I have the corona virus.

One of the symptoms is a loss of taste, and for a brief moment I thought Justin Bieber was talented.

My son's music teacher called me "your son is just like Elvis!"

"Is he an equally talented singer?" I asked.

"No", she replied. "We found him dead on a toilet."

A man requested a female painter to paint him in the nude.

"No" the talented artist said. "I don't do that sort of thing.

"I'll increase your fee two times," he said.

"No, no thanks!!"

"I'll give five times as much as you normally get."

Okay, said the artist, "but you have to let me at least wear my socks. I need somewhere to place my brushes."

So I got a call from my son's music teacher...

She told me, "Hey, your son is just like Elvis Presley!"

I was a little shocked. "That's... is he that talented?!"

To which she replied, "Oh no, we found him dead on the toilet."

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