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What blood type does Taiwanese people have?


"I'm off to Taiwan for a blood test." "Taipei?"

"Well, I won't know my blood type until I get there."

Did you hear about the Taiwanese man who was too tense?

He had a Taipei personality.

Taipei joke, Did you hear about the Taiwanese man who was too tense?

I have a Taiwanese friend who is is incredibly rude and bossy

He has a strong Taipei personality

Why is Taiwan willing to stand up to China?

Because it has a Taipei personality

What's the most common blood type in Taiwan?


Why do Taiwanese students always do so well on their standardized tests?

They've got a Taipei personality

Taipei joke, Why do Taiwanese students always do so well on their standardized tests?

Did you know that the best leaders are born and bred in the capital of Taiwan?

They all have Taipei personalities.

I met this real workaholic from Taiwan

A real Taipei personality

I once knew this incredibly meticulous man from Taiwan.

He was a real Taipei personality.

I went to Taipei but didnt like it because

I am Type B.

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My Taiwanese friend is very intense and driven:

He has a real Taipei personality

I heard that people from Taiwan are impatient and agressive...

I guess they have a Taipei personality.

What do you call a bossy person from Taiwan?

A Taipei personality.

Which blood type do most of the people in Taiwan's capital city have?


What blood type do people from Taiwan have?


Taipei joke, What blood type do people from Taiwan have?

Why are most Taiwanese people competitive and ambitious?

Because of their Taipei personality.

What's the most common personality in Taipei?

Type A

I hear Chinese tourists are aggressive and competitive.

They must have Taipei personalities.

In what city can you find the most detail oriented people?


Did you hear about that aggressive guy from Taiwan?

He was a real Taipei Personality.

Why is Taiwan so prosperous?

They have a lot of Taipei personalities.

Why did the intense guy move to Taiwan?

He had a Taipei personality.

A recent Social Behavior study showed that...

...2.6M people in Taiwan had Taipei personalities...

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