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a guy is sitting in a bar and turns to the Asian guy next to him and asks:

"hey do you know, tai quon do, ju jutsu, kung fu or any of that shit?"

offended the Asian man replies:
"what you think that just because i'm asian i know martial arts?"

the man replies: "nah its because you're drinking my fucking burbon"


What do you call a Chinese man with one leg?

Tai Wan Shu


What do you call a Chinese who is always on time?

Tai Mingh


Who invented the machine for writing?

A chinese man by the name of Tai Ping.


I wanted to do tai chi...

But I ended up with chai tea.


Tai Lopez really changed my life

He's the reason I installed adblock.


Chai Tea

My wife just got back from Tai Chi class. She brewed a pot of Chai Tea. I told here it tasted pretty shi...

The bruises will heal soon.


There was a man fighting another man similar to his size.

He couldn't recognize Mount Tai.


What do you call...

What do you call a lifeguard who can't swim? Wade.

What do you call an Irish guy who hangs out on your lawn? Patty O'Furniture

What do you call a Chinese guy who works at Foot Locker? Tai Mai Shu

What do you call a Chinese guy with one testicle bigger than the other? Won Hung Lo

What do you call two guys at the top of a window? Curt n' Rod

What do you call a woman with a wooden leg? Eileen

What do you call an Asian woman with a wooden leg? Irene

Where does she work? IHOP


Dad says he's practicing Tai Chi to learn how to align his 'Chi's

Now, he says, he just needs to learn how to align his crackers, and he'll be able to make a perfect party platter.


Q: What do you call a Chinese midget?

A: Tai Ni


I'm considering starting a men's clothing line centered around cocktails...

The first article of clothing will be appropriately dubbed "my mai tai tie."


Q: What do you call the modern day tai ping rebellion?

A: The typing rebellion!


The one best thing about iron fist

It made me interested in Tai Chi


How do rich people kill themselves?

They Tai a noose.


I am expert at kung fu, wushu , tai chi

and few other chinese words.


What type of food does a CEO order at a Tai Pei restaurant?

Type A


What did one Taiwanese man say to the other Taiwanese man?

Guy 1: Where are you from?
Guy 2: I'm from Taiwan
Guy 1: Oh really? I'm from Tai too


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