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Funniest Tagline Short Jokes

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  1. I want to start a paranormal hookup app. The tagline would be: for things that want to go bump in the night.
    (Finally a place where ghosting would be totally acceptable.)
  2. This year's presidential election shares the same tagline as the 2004 movie "Alien versus Predator". "Whoever wins... We lose."
  3. What do the critically acclaimed Schindler's List and the famous children's movie Chicken Run have in common? The tagline Escape or die frying .
  4. If Nike was founded by a girl... If Nike was founded by a girl, its tagline would be,
    "Just do it... If you want to. I don't wanna force you. It's your life."
  5. Changing my bowling team name to E-Bowl-A Tagline: We are so sick! Killing the competition!
    .... too soon?
  6. In an alternate universe, Michael Bay directed Transgenders. The tagline was "Females in disguise."
  7. When a serial r**... started targeting nuns, one company started marketing armored robes with the tagline: "It's a hard habit to break."
  8. Apparently there's a Ashley Madison clone in the Middle East with a catchy tagline. d**... out for Haram bae.

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Tagline One Liners

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  1. What's Pakistan's tourism tagline? "Have a blast, it might be your last"
  2. Pakistan has the most catchy tourism tagline... Come Have a Blast, It may be your last.
  3. The tagline of World Health Organization WHO cares!
  4. Did you hear the tagline for the new show: "6th Sense on Ice"? Icey dead people
  5. What is the tagline of Syrian tourism department? Come to Syria;have a blast.
  6. What's the image of your perfect bank? (Actual ad tagline) The end of Fight Club
  7. Have you heard the tagline for the new Ghostbusters movie? Now with 400% more bust!
  8. Why isn't the tagline for k**... Jelly... Slip into something more comfortable!
  9. Harvard Business School's secret tagline Putting the Ducati in e**ducati**on since 1908

Tagline joke, Harvard Business School's secret tagline

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Tagline joke, What's the image of your perfect bank? (Actual ad tagline)