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Abortion clinics should be banned

Those doctors demonstrate a complete lack of humanity. Spawn killing is a filthy tactic.

What is the Tactical Division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police called?

The Special Horses.

You know what they call the strategy involving freshmints while playing a game of timed tic tac toe?

The tic tac tick tick tic tac toe tactic

A blonde was going for a driving test for her license but was nervous as she'd failed 8 times before. After talking with her blonde friends they came up with a sure-fire plan. She was to pick a man as the driving instructor, and to use sex as a bargaining tactic in exchange for passing her

She came back disappointed though, she failed.
What happened? her friends asked.
When I was sucking him off, I crashed

What's a self-defense tactic used against the Nazis in World War II?


When a clock goes forward it's tic-tac, but when Rommel retreats it's tactic.

When a clock goes forward it's tic-tac, but when MacArthur retreats it's tactic.

When a clock goes forward, it's tactic, but when <general> retreats it's tactic.

Old British WWII joke during the War in North Africa.

The Red Baron was known for his tactic of drawing fire by flying low in a bright red plane

His comrades just thought he was a crazy mother Focker

How you heard about the new bad breath removal strategy?

They call it the tic-tac tactic.

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