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What's the difference between a Syrian kindergarten and an ISIS hospital?

I wouldn't know, I'm just the drone operator.

How many Syrians does it take to launch a missle?

Two. One to launch it, and one to watch CNN to find out where it landed.

What do you call a Syrian who tries to scam you out of a pot of gold?

Aleppo Con.

Syrian joke, What do you call a Syrian who tries to scam you out of a pot of gold?

Three Muslim women are sitting talking...

The first one says, "I miss my eldest son Ahmed. He was martyred in Iraq last year."
"Oh I know," says the second women, "I miss little Hamza. He drove a car-bomb into a Syrian checkpoint six months ago."
The third woman nodded, "Me too. My Omar was a suicide bomber in Gaza, so sad."
The first woman shook her head sadly. "Kids these days. They blow up so fast."

Turkey shot down Syrian helicopter at the border.

How did they train it to do that?

Lucky day for Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was watching the news when he witnessed something astounding. A young Syrian man had just thrown a hand grenade over 100 yards through the window of a building into a room that housed a sniper. He was so impressed that he had the man found and brought into the states to play for his team.
After a very successful rookie season the young man was discussing his rookie of the year award via telephone with his mother.
She told him that she was proud but living in fear constantly. She continued " your brother was shot twice just in the last few weeks and your sister is regularly the victim of assault. Matters have escalated and life is worse than it has ever been. I will never, ever forgive you for bringing us to Philly."

The EU has said that more needs to be done to help the Syrian refugees, especially the children.

May I recommend swimming lessons?

Syrian joke, The EU has said that more needs to be done to help the Syrian refugees, especially the children.

A German, a Russian, and a Syrian are in a life raft ...

The raft is slowly sinking and the 3 castaways are afraid it will sink before they are rescued, so they start looking around for things they can dispose of to lighten the load.

The Russian takes a case of fine Vodka, throws it overboard and says, "We have plenty of that in my country."

Seeing the Russian's generous gesture, the Syrian takes a bag of fine hibiscus tea, throws it overboard and says, "We have plenty in my country."

Finally, the German, seeing that it is his turn, throws the Syrian overboard and says, "We have plenty of those in my country."

What face does a Syrian make when he has a bad day?

Assad one.

On a side note, I hope prosperity upon all the Syrians who have been displaced.

What do you get when you let 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada during the winter?


What do you call a Syrian sex toy?

A blowup doll

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Two Syrian refugees land in America...

They make a bet to see who can become the most American. A year later they meet up for coffee. The first man says " I am so American. I have a hot white wife, a daughter, a house and a well paying job. I drink Budweiser with my friends after work at happy hour. I have come to accept gay marriage as a human right. I joined a bowling league and my average is above 200. What have you done?" The other Syrian looks at him and says " Shut up Towel Head!"

Q. What did the Syrians use to light their homes before candles?

A. Electricity.

What causes erosion?

Syrian migrants.

Why don't Syrian Refugees play baseball?

because they don't know where home is

A Syrian walks into a bar..

He orders a long island.

Syrian joke, A Syrian walks into a bar..

Did you hear about Syrian sex dolls?

They blow themselves up!

How do you tell the difference between a Syrian hospital and an ISIS military base?

I don't know either, Johnny, just fly the drone.

So a Korean man, a Syrian man, and a Mexican man are all in a truck. Who's driving?


A Syrian Refugee was telling our journalist about his love of extreme sports. The journalist then asked what he thought of his refugee housing.

"It's in Tents."

How do you play Syrian Bingo?

B-52, F-15, B-1...

After being hit by an airstrike from the Turkish air force, a Syrian leader was quoted as saying...

"As God is my witness, I thought the Turkish couldn't fly..."

20% of Syrians live in turmoil and unrest.

The other 80% live in the Greece, Germany, Sweden ect

Get in on Syrian real estate now!

The markets are exploding!

An American, a Chinese, a Russian, a German and a Syrian passenger are on a train...

The American starts to toss legal documents out the train's window.

The German asks, "Vy are you doing zat?"

The American replies, "We have too much of these."


Then the Chinese begins throwing rice out the window.

The German asks, "Vy are you doing zat now?"

The Chinese replies, "We got lay too much of that lice."


The Russian then flicks dashcams and vodka out his window.

The German asks, "Vat's the matter vith those?"

The Russian replies, "They're too common where I'm from, comrade."


The German looks at the Syrian guy.

#The Syrian guy, nervous, exclaims, "Don't you fooking dare!"

What do the Syrians and Fred Flinstone have in common?

They both have to put up with a lot of Rubble.

What's the difference between a Syrian chapel and a Turkish terrorist camp?

America will let in people from the terrorist camp.

What did the Syrian say about the airline food?

He'd say it was awful if he could get on the plane.

An Iranian, Iraqi, Libyan, Somalian, Sudanese, Syrian and a Yemenite walk into a bar in america.

Just kidding, they can't.

What is a Syrian refugee's favorite kind of taco?


What do penguins and the Syrian airfield have in common?

They're both flightless

Three Syrian guys are talking when the first one says,"Can I ask you a question?"

The second guy says,"Sure! Ask us!" The first guy sits there doing nothing when the third guy says, "Damascus!"

Why don't Syrian kids ever take showers?

They wash up on shore.

I couldn't understand my new iphone

It only spoke Syrian

Whats the difference between an ISIS stronghold and a syrian school?

I dont know, i just fly the drone.

So ISIS have stockpiled over 10,000 brand new Syrian passports.

I'm seeing a lot of blank faces.

What's the difference between a deadly chemical plant and a Syrian school yard?

I don't know, they just have me fly the drone

What's the difference between a Syrian wedding and an ISIS training camp?

I don't know man, I just fly the drone.

What is the tagline of Syrian tourism department?

Come to Syria;have a blast.

You know what else isn't coming home?

Dead syrian children

What's the difference between a Syrian airbase And a Syrian orphanage

I don't know I just fly the drone

I showed some Syrian kids my new drone today.

They were all blown away by it.

How do you pick up Syrian chicks?

In pieces.

What's the similarity between a pot head and a Syrian girl wearing jeans?

They both get stoned.

How do you stop a Syrian Tank?

Shoot the guy pushing it

As a Syrian, I don't know why America is taking so long to get a definitive result from their election.

We know our results months in advance!

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