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Top 10 of the Funniest Syntax Jokes and Puns

For a good programmer, women are like syntax errors...

He doesn't get any.

The government has started fining its citizens for poorly worded sentences.

It's the syntax

What Syntax do British Programmers Always Use in Python?


No! It crashed again...

Roses are red;

Violets are blue


ERROR: Invalid syntax on line 2

There are only two certain things in computer programming life...

death and syntax (end).

My English teacher asked me what I knew about syntax.

"I never knew part of my earnings were dedicated to wrongdoings."

I've got another example of the importance of Oxford commas:

I passed a headstone the other day which read, "Here lies Tyler Goetz, a lawyer and a good man."


I just can't believe the three of them agreed on such ambiguous syntax.

What does a PornHub developer get deducted from their pay?


Why did the sentence stop going to his local grammar store?

Because he was tired of paying the syntax.

Did you hear about Santa's little brother?

Did you hear about Santa's little brother who refused to speak well, punctuate properly, or use proper syntax?

He's the insubordinate Claus.

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