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When I go to the pool

When I go to the pool, I set my phone to update while it sits in my locker. That way I can sync and swim at the same time.

When your iPod stops working, it floats.

Because it doesn't sync.

I dropped my phone while washing the dishes

Guess it is in sync now .....

Sync joke, I dropped my phone while washing the dishes

Why did the blonde throw her iPad into the ocean?

So she could get it to sync!

Why can't DJs swim?

Because they sync

I shouldn't have plugged my iPhone into the PC at the Kitchen

It's now in the sync.

What did the American mobile tower on the coast say about the foreign cruise liner?

I will not sync with this ship.

Sync joke, What did the American mobile tower on the coast say about the foreign cruise liner?

Helen Keller was blind and deaf.

She would still lip sync better than Mariah Carey.

Ship mystery

It's prohibited to name a ship "Google".

Because it will sync every night at 12.

Why did men's synchronized swimming not make the Olympics?

Too many balls-ups in the submissions process.

I love it when companies live up to their literal name

Sinclair Broadcasting Group is certainly in sync.

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After his watch was two hours off sync

He realized it was time for a change

What do you call a boy band in a washing basin?

N Sync

A group of women decided to form a "boy band"

After spending so much time together they were all N Sync

NEWSFLASH: Billy Corgan has permanently lost his voice, and can only lip sync his songs...

Going forward his band will be known as 'DUBSMASHING PUMPKINS'.

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