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Why did Michael Jackson love Beethoven's 3rd symphony?

It was done in A minor.

What do you call a symphony of whales?

An orcastra

Why didn't the pacifist enjoy the symphony?

All the violins

Symphony joke, Why didn't the pacifist enjoy the symphony?

One music university senior complains to another:

"Dude, I have no idea how to write my graduation composition. Do you have any hint?"
"Why don't you try coping professor X's piece he wrote when getting his D.A.?"
"I did. It turned out to be Beethoven's Fifth Symphony."

What's a pedophiles favorite piece of classical music?

Symphony in A Minor

Symphony of puns

i never let my kids listen to jazz or classical music...
Too much sax or violins can only lead to treble!

Beethoven hyping the crowd.


*crowd cheers*

Beethoven: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

Symphony joke, Beethoven hyping the crowd.

What do you call a symphony where everyone plays at the same time instead of taking turns?

An *and*chestra.

Massacre between rival musicians at the Symphony Orchestra today, .

Authorities have condemned this act of Violins

Did you hear Beethoven's Last Symphony?

He didn't.

What does a paedophile symphony play in?

A minor

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My mother took me to the symphony when I was a child..

But we had to leave because of all the sax and violins.

Beethoven is on the stage at a concert

"You wanna' hear a symphony?"


"I can't hear you!"

What are a priest's favourite symphony...

The ones that start with a#(minor)

What symphony is a pedophiles favorite?

Mozarts' Flute in A minor

Lets go to the symphony

Beethoven: You guys want some symphonies tonight!?

Crowd: **cheers loudly**

Beethoven: I can't hear you!

Symphony joke, Lets go to the symphony

In bed I'm like a Mozart symphony

Dazzling, inventive, and finished in three movements

I've been working on a symphony inspired by the song 'Camptown Races'

It's called 'Ode To Doo Dah Day'

A man walks into a graveyard..

A man is walking in a graveyard when he hears the Third Symphony played backward. When it's over, the Second Symphony starts playing, also backward, and then the First. What's going on? he asks a cemetery worker.

It's Beethoven, says the worker. He's decomposing.

The "Italian Symphony" is also known as the "Laughter Symphony,"

because it's Mendelssohn's best.

After Beethoven died and they buried him, you could hear his symphonies from the grave in the descending order, first his symphony No. 9, then No. 8 etc.

He was just decomposing.

Beethoven to his audience:

Beethoven: Make some noise for the next symphony

Audience: YEAAAAAAAAA!!!

Beethoven: I can't hear you

A man is walking in a graveyard

when he hears the Third Symphony playing backwards.
When it's over the Second Sympnony also starts playing backward.

"What's going on ?" he asks the cemetry worker.

"It's Beethoven" says the worker "he is decomposing"

Copper instruments make the symphony sounds so much better than brass.

Copper is a much better conductor.

what does the ominous anesthesiologist say when walking in to see a patient?

NUMB NUMB NUMB NUMB (in the tune of Beethoven's 5th symphony)

Three bass players walk into a bar.

They're actually in the middle of performing Beethoven's 9th symphony, but there's a long section near the end where the basses don't play, so they decide to go to the bar next door and grab a drink.

To know when to come back for the end of the symphony, the bassists tie a string to the conductor's score a few pages before they start playing again. When he turns the page, it'll tug on the string and they'll know to head back to the concert hall.

So the symphony goes on, and pretty soon the conductor realizes he's in trouble.

It's the bottom of the ninth, the score is tied, and the basses are loaded.

I went to see a concert performance by the Royal Bermuda Philharmonic orchestra...

Half way through the first symphony, the triangle player vanished...

Which fruit did Beethoven compose a symphony about?


You should never let your children watch the symphony on television.

Too much sax and violins

It's too bad Led Zeppelin never got to perform and record with a symphony orchestra.

They could've named it the Hindenburg Concertos.

What do you call a symphony comprised entirely of pigs?

A porkestra.

What did Beethoven say when he finished writing his 5th Symphony?

I'm done done done doonnee.

Two classical composers bump into each other on the street, because one is reading the sheets to his soon-to-be finished symphony.

He quickly hides the sheets in his pocket, but the other composer notices and asks:

„What are you Haydn?

My favorite symphony is called 4 minutes of silence

Played by a 7 year old with stage fright

One for the classical music fans [OC]

For those who aren't, Herbert von Karajan was an acclaimed symphony conductor in the 20th century. You need to know that his name is pronounced approximately "KAHRY-on."

Not many people know it, but the maestro actually had a second career outside of music, he was a successful luggage designer.

I mean, surely you've heard of...Karajan Luggage?

Last night I attended the Philharmonic.

On stage, the orchestra had a massive, massive organ.

I thought, wow! That symphony is very well endowed.

What do you call it when a symphony musician hits his wife?

Domestic violins.

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