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A Texan and a New Yorker are sitting in a bar.

The Texan, feeling boastful, says, "Back home in Texas, I can get in my truck at sunup and drive a straight shot until sundown without reaching the edge of my property."

The New Yorker nods sympathetically and replies, "Yeah. I had a car like that once."

A man is staring into his whiskey

The barkeep asks if something's the matter.

"3 of my servers have the same virus, there are reports of bugs and extensions cropping up in our clientelle's cookies, and today icecream sandwich ruined my phone."

"IT sounds rough" he adds sympathetically.

"IT?" the customer says, " I work at Baskin Robbins."

A small boy got lost at a baseball game...

He went up to a police officer and said: "I've lost my dad."
"What's he like?" asked the police officer sympathetically.
The boy replied, "Beer and women."

Sympathetically joke, A small boy got lost at a baseball game...

A young man and woman hit it off at a gathering

and the conversation soon turns to talking about their families. The girl sighs and says, I'm sure wherever my dad is, he's looking down on us. I'm sorry , the boy says sympathetically . Oh, he's not dead. , replies the girl, Just very condescending.

A rancher brags to a stranger in a bar

It takes 3 hours to drive across my land

The stranger nods sympathetically and replies:

I used to have a truck like that.

A Muslim suicide bomber walks into a crowd of infidels and blows himself up.

He is immediately transported to Paradise, where he finds himself surrounded by seventy-two of the ugliest women anyone has ever laid eyes upon. The suicide bomber is crestfallen.

"C'mon, think it through," Allah pats him sympathetically on the shoulder. "Why do you think they're still virgins?"


A man tells his psychiatrist, "Honestly, I don't even know why I'm here. My wife says I need to see you just because I love sausages."

The psychiatrist replied sympathetically, "Well, I see nothing wrong with that. In fact, I love sausages, too!"

"Wow, awesome!" the man replied. "You ought to come over to my basement and see my collection, then. I have hundreds!"

Sympathetically joke, Sausages

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