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You have to appreciate how badass those Chinese are...

They made a language totally out of tattoo symbols.

Hey mate do you know what are the chemicals symbols for sodium, bromine and oxygen?

Na BrO !

American political party symbols are spot on...

Trump is the elephant in the room, and the DNC is full of jackasses!

Symbols joke, American political party symbols are spot on...

SJWs have called for the symbols < and > to be banned from math.

Because all numbers are equal.

What did the student say after learning all the symbols on the periodic table?

Fluorine-Uranium-Carbon-Potassium this! Never again!

My HS Chemistry teacher told us how to remember the periodic symbols for Silver and Gold-

If someone tried to steal your silver, you'd say A G, I lost my silver. But if someone tried to steal your gold, you'd say A U! Give me back my gold!

I have this friend, he's a real legend.

he's always telling me what the different symbols mean on maps.

Symbols joke, I have this friend, he's a real legend.

Computer: Choose a password

Me: hi-hat

Computer: Password cannot contain symbols

My chemistry teacher pulled this on us today.

We were reviewing balancing chemical equations and got onto the topic of changing the names of compounds into their symbols so we could start balancing them. My teacher starts, "Changing names into symbols, is very much like translating Spanish into English. Maria estudia. Maria studies. Carlos va a la biblioteca. Carlos goes to the library. Now I would have said prison but I don't know how to say that in Spanish."

IKEA visits with my dad are always really embarrassing. Every time we see a table he starts to explain about symbols.

He's like a legend!

Recently I have began to make sculptures of random Grammatical symbols and letters out of bricks.

People say I'm quite the character builder

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Why do yetis always know how to read the symbols on maps?

Because they are legends

Why are the symbols for the two main political parties of the US an elephant and a donkey?

They represent the weight and the intelligence of the American people

Gmail replaced the words on its buttons with symbols

Which is great for all the illiterate people who use gmail

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