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"911, what's your emergency?"

Drunk redneck, "Send help, my buddy just fell and hit his head on the sidewalk. He's bleed'n like a stuck hog!"

911, "Okay sir, what's your location?"

Drunk redneck, "We're at the corner of Sycamore and Vine."

911, "Okay sir, I'm going to need you to spell that for me. "

Drunk redneck, "Si.....Sy...ah! screw it! I'll drag him on down to Maple you can pick him up there!"

Came across a body lying on the sidewalk

A man was walking down the street when he came across a body lying on the sidewalk. He ran to a phone and called 911.

The operator asked him where he was and the man replied, I'm on Sycamore Drive.

How do you spell that? the operator asked.

S-i-c-k… the man began. No, s-i-c-a….. no, s-i-k-a…. oh heck, let me drag him over to Lake street and I'll call you back.

I have a tree joke you might like to hear

but most of us would be Sycamore.

(tree jokes need to be spruced up in my opinion)

What type of tree hates company?

Sycamore trees!

What's an epidemiologist's least favorite kind of tree?


What type of tree has the most germs?

A Sycamore. (I came up with this one when I was like, 9.)

My father is a dendrologist. When our state was locked down, we practiced social distancing like everyone else.

And yet somehow he still got sycamore....

When does a tree want less?

When it's sycamore.

What do you call a bulimic tree?


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