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Lifehack .

1. Hire the cheapest prostitute you can find.
2. Take her to a swingers club.
3. Switch with someone's hot wife.

I went to a swingers club on the weekend

I got through the front door and the lady on the desk said it's £10 to get in, or you can pay £15 and you get a meal . So I paid the £15 and went in. It seemed to be going alright - then this naked oily guy walked up to me and said hello, I'm Amil .

Irish Swingers

Two Irish couples decide to swap partners for the night.

After 3 hours of amazing sex, Paddy says: "I wonder how the girls are getting on".

Swingers joke, Irish Swingers

My friend said he saw me at the swingers party last night, it wasn't me

It was my dopplegangbanger

I met my wife at a swingers party.

I said, "You should be home looking after the kids!"

We took the kids to the playground earlier.

We met another couple and their kids. They seemed real normal, you know? So we asked if they wanted to walk over to the slides and the see-saw.

But then the husband told us, they're swingers.

Swinger's Party

I went to this swingers party and tossed my keys into a bowl.

I thought I had hit the jackpot when this hot big titted sultry blonde picked them out.

Never saw my BMW again.

Swingers joke, Swinger's Party

I thought I was invited to a swingers party but it turned out to be just a regular party.

Unfortunately I didn't realize it until I stepped in out of the cold and misunderstood when the host said "Jacket off, buddy!"

What do you call an event for gay swingers?

A swap meat.

When a fire breaks out at a swingers convention

It causes premature evacuation.

What's the most interesting beer served at the star trek swingers convention?

Dos trekkies.

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What's worse than learning that your parents are swingers?

Coming upon them at a party.

What is a swingers favorite crime?

What's the politically correct term for a swingers party in Alabama?

A lynching.

My grandfather told me he met my grandma at a swingers convention in Alabama.

She had the tree, he brought the rope.

What do you call an old people's swingers club?

Movers and Achers

Swingers joke, What do you call an old people's swingers club?

My Grandpa Raymond and his wife live in a retirement community for swingers.

What are his favorite underwear made out of?

Ray on Paulie's Ester

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