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Did you hear about the tornado that swept through the cemetery?

Hundreds dead.

Why did the guy kick the broom out of his house?

It swept with his girlfriend :P

Why would Rip Van Winkle make a good janitor?

Because he swept for 20 years.

Swept joke, Why would Rip Van Winkle make a good janitor?

10 dead in cowboys stadium

10 people were found dead in cowboys stadium after an f5 tornado swept through on Sunday. Witnesses say the group felt assured there could be no touchdowns in that building.

The most tragic news from this story is that they would have been safe had they chosen not to stand in the away teams endzone.

Why was the broom late for work?

Because it over swept.

Why don't woman rarely get swept off their feet?

Because sweeping is a woman's job. (granted maybe lesbians are getting swept off their feet)

A 64 years old male tourist swept away in Amazon river, where did he end up?

Local Brazilian newspaper...

Swept joke, A 64 years old male tourist swept away in Amazon river, where did he end up?

Chicago is the cleanest city in the world right now...


How did the broom find a girlfriend?

He swept her off her feet.

- I just finished a Popsicle.

I just swept a girl off her feet.

I'm quite an aggressive janitor.

I just fell in love with a girl who builds circuit boards for a living...

I just couldn't *resistor.*

I couldn't help but say "*Ohm* my word, you're gorgeous!"

We talked for a while, had quite an *amp-*le conversation.

We eventually went to get lunch and took her *volts-*wagon.

*Current-*ly, I'd say this relationship is working out well.

I swept *Kirchhoff* her feet.

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Which scientist had the cleanest floors?

Kepler. He swept over the same area every night.

Every woman wants to be swept off her feet.

It's when you put her in the trunk of your car that she starts to panic.

Overheard a girl at the bar saying she wanted someone to sweep her off her feet...

So I swept the leg.

The invention of the shovel was groundbreaking,

but the invention of the broom swept the nation.

The invention of the broom may have swept the nation...

... but the invention of the Galaxy Note 7 really set the world on fire

Swept joke, The invention of the broom may have swept the nation...

the invention of the shovel was ground breaking (short)

the invention of the shovel was ground breaking.
but the invention of the broom was the one that truly swept the nation.

- Scratch Farrell

Every girl wants to be swept off her feet.

It's only when you put her in the trunk that she starts to freak out.

In light of some recent idiotic questioning by reporters

A man is interviewed after his wife was swept away in a flood. The reporter asks "Were you close with your wife?" He responds, "No, we drifted apart recently."

Women are never satisfied. They say they want to be swept off of their feet

and then scream when you go put them in a trunk.

I heard that the Eclipse already won the NCAA tournament.

It totally swept the nation.

Why was the janitor late?

He over swept

I like my dust like I like my sexual harassment allegations.

Swept under the rug.

Guess you can say that the invention of the broom really...

Swept the nation

How did the broom cheat on it's wife?

It **swept** around

The Japanese aren't the only ones to clean up after a sporting event.

The Warriors, for example, just swept the Cavs.

The best part of being an only child is not having to share my toys.

The worst part was the haunting look on my brother's face as the ocean swept him away.

A movie about janitors impressed critics.

Later that year the movie swept the Oscars.

What happened to the broom in the flood?

He got swept away.

How do rugs fall in love?

They get swept off their feet.

A man broke into a convent one day, intent on kidnapping a nun.

Bursting through the door, he swept the first nun he saw off her feet and threw her over his shoulder. Police arrive on the scene just as the kidnapper escaped through the front door.

The first cop shouted What the hell, man as the kidnapper fled on foot, nun over his shoulder.

No offense, the kidnapper responded as he ran away.

Nun taken! the officer reported into his radio.

Why was the broom late for work?

He over swept.

My wife and I played that game where you write down 5 people we're allowed to sleep with

Ourside of our marriage

She gave me her list and I scoffed at the predictability

Celebrities, athletes, she didn't stand a chance!

However as she read mine a look of complete horror swept over her face

And I was grabbing my coat when she screamed "where the hell are you going?!"

"I'm going round to see your sister," I said "good luck getting through to George Clooney's agent"

What did Jesus do when Mary Magdalene tracked dirt through the house?

Jesus swept.

An actor arrived for his rehearsal at the theatre.

As he looked around, an incredible feeling of deja vu swept over him.

Suddenly he realised the set seemed like a weird adaption of his apartment, the actress looked like an odd version of his wife, and the director sounded like an eerie rendition of his dad.

"Uncanny!" He thought. "I've arrived at a strange stage of my life".

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