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What's the difference between a baked sweet potato and a flying pig?

One's a heated yam...

Whats the difference between a cooked sweet potato and a flying pig

One is a heated yam and the other is a yeeted ham

When I was a kid -

My mum used to send me to the corner shop of our street with a ten-bob note, and for that I'd bring back 6 eggs, 2 bottles of milk, a loaf of bread, 5lb of potatoes and a packet of sweets for me. Trouble is, you can't do that today.....

Too many cameras.

Sweet Potato joke, When I was a kid -

What do you call a lazy person who is nice?

A sweet potato.

What sort of girlfriend a potato wants?

A sweet potato

Alright, yeah. I'm really that desperate.

Some people tell me that I'm too sweet to be a potato...

But I just can't help it, I yam what I yam.

A potato asks a sweet potato

What's the deal with you being orange?

The sweet potato replies I yam what I yam.

Sweet Potato joke, A potato asks a sweet potato

Sweet Potato Philosophy

"I think therefore I yam."

What do you call a nice down syndrome person?

Sweet potato.

What do you call a tuber that buys his girlfriend chocolates?

A sweet potato.

I hate being an adult in times like these, $5 used to get you 12 eggs, a bar of chocolate a massive bag of sweets, milk, a sack of potatoes, a bottle of vodka...

Shame for cameras in stores...

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What do you get when you cross a fancy car and a sweet potato?

A Yambourghini!

What do sweet potatoes sleep in?

Their yammies.

If you could be any kind of potato, what would you be?

I'd be a sweet potato, because I yam what I yam and that's all I can be.

I have a tattoo of a Russet potato on my right shoulder, and of a Sweet Potato on my left.

They are my Tater Tats

sweet potato fries

...could be made from sweet potatoes, or they could just be really awesome potato fries.

Sweet Potato joke, sweet potato fries

Los Angeles Homeless...

Homeless people here are different.

You ever notice that?

Our homeless people are serious, man.

They have signs that not only say, "Will work for food," some of them have what they want: "Baked potato, salad, shrimp, sweet potato pie, sour chives."

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