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Everyone knows I have a sweet tooth.

Well, I used to, anyway. It fell off.

I may be sweet like sugar,

but I'll still beet you with my cane!

Sweet Baby Jokes (philanthropic concept reversal)

What's the difference between a baby and a trampoline?
The trampoline doesn't look awfully cute in a sailor's outfit.

Swee joke, Sweet Baby Jokes (philanthropic concept reversal)

Sweet Dreams

"Doc, I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed I was the only man in a nudist colony."

"My, my," responded the doctor. "Did you sleep well?"

"I tried," answered the patient, "but it was hard."

Sweetie, will you buy me a cellphone?

**Her**: Sweetie, will you buy me a cellphone?

**Him**: What about the other one?

**Her**: The other one is buying me a tablet.

A sweet treat.

I find my sex life is a lot like Nutella. Everyone loves it and has it all the time, and I'm just sitting in bed alone with a box of Ritz crackers.

How do you get a sweet little old lady to say F***?

Get another one to yell BINGO

Swee joke, How do you get a sweet little old lady to say F***?

Why did the sweet toothed scientist blow up his monkey?

He wanted some Rhesus pieces.

Sweet little prank call program - still trying it out, but looks very promising

What's the sweetest world you can spell with just two letters?

C and Y

The Sweet Spot On A Woman's Body

My friend at work was telling me about an article he read over the weekend. Apparently there's a spot on a woman's body, that if you hit it just right it will make their legs turn to jelly.

It's called the chin

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A high class looking woman sat down next to me on the train. I took in a breath and asked aloud, 'What's that smell?'
She turned to me, looked down her nose and said, 'Chanel, 500 dollars an ounce." She turned away.
About 10 minutes later, I let out a silent fart. She turns to me and asks ,What's that smell?'
I say, "Broccoli, $1.49 a pound.'

Sweet Young Boy

One day, a boy named Tom got on a very crowded bus.

Sitting opposite him was a fat lady who said, "If you were a polite young man, you'd let someone sit down."

"If you were a polite lady," Tom replied, "you'd let FOUR people sit down!"

Sweet Wife: Do you love me....

Sweet Wife: Do you love me just because my father left a lot of money for me?
Naughty Husband: Not-at-all honey. I would love you no matter who left money for you.

sweet potato fries

...could be made from sweet potatoes, or they could just be really awesome potato fries.

Sweetheart, you remind me the sea.

>Why? is it because of my beautiful blue eyes reminding you the ocean's water?


>I know, it's because of my curly hair, reminds you the waves.

Not really.

>So it's my perfume? reminds you that fresh air near the beach?


>So what is it then?

You make me sick.

Swee joke, Sweetheart, you remind me the sea.

I didn't ask for a sweet roll?

Oh, sorry, I thought you had said, "synonym bun".

Sweet Potato Philosophy

"I think therefore I yam."

Who is the sweetest man in the world?

Hershey. He dips his nuts in chocolate.

"Sweetheart, I'm pregnant.", "High pregnant, I'm dad!"

"Actually, you're not."

How do you get a sweet little 80-year-old lady to say the F word?

Get another sweet little 80-year-old lady to yell BINGO!

What is sweet and sticky and crosses the desert?

A caramel

Who was the sweetest dictator?

Chairman Maoam

How do you get a sweet, little old lady to shout out an F-bomb?

You get another sweet, little old lady to yell out "Bingo!"

Sweet dreams are made of cheese...

Who am I to diss a brie?

What do sweet potatoes sleep in?

Their yammies.

A sweet young girl walks into an elevator at Macy's, trailing a cloud of expensive perfume.

She brags to the elderly woman who was inside, Coco Chanel $900 per ounce.

The lift reaches the second floor where the old lady is about to get off. As she steps out of the elevator, she rips out a rumbling fart. Trailing a heavy cloud, she smiles sweetly and announces, broccoli, 49 cents a pound.

What's the sweetest type of musician?

A candy wrapper

Sweet poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
This joke is overused,
Your sister, too.

If Cinderella had a chinese name... and 2 brothers...

What would their names be?

Cinderella - Swee Ping
Brothers - Mo Ping & Wai Ping

If you sweep the floor with roommates...

you are broommates

Sweet jeebus, this panda is hurt! Quick call the


Who is the sweetest ninja turtle?

It's Donut-ello

What is the sweetest thing you can say to your wife after sex?

I am sorry i woke you up.

Here's a sweet (But corny) joke!

Q: What do you call three packs of Twix?

A: Six.

Me: Sweet dog you got there

Police officer: Yes, this is our new drug-sniffing dog.

Me: Still in training, huh?

Police officer: What do you mean?

Me: Nevermind

Sweetheart, I didn't just fall for you.

I fell because of you.

Stop tripping me.

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