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When I first moved to Sweden.

I was told to expect polar bears and naked women everywhere. But what a complete rip-off! I haven't seen a single polar bear!

What do you call immigrants to Sweden?

Artificial Swedeners

I'm not sure if I want to move to Sweden...

but the flag is a big plus.

Sweden joke, I'm not sure if I want to move to Sweden...

Apparently, In Sweden parents aren't allowed to spank their kids.

Like that would bother me, I don't do foreplay.

Why do people traveling east out of Sweden get a metal?

Because they're crossing the Finnish line.

What do you call immigrants in Sweden?


In Sweden paternity leave is a big thing. And it is very challenging, almost every father loses 23lb in the first few weeks.

They have no idea where the baby is.

Sweden joke, In Sweden paternity leave is a big thing. And it is very challenging, almost every father loses 23lb

What do you call people migrating to Sweden?

Artificial Swedeners.

Every year there is a race from one side of Sweden to the other...

They start at the Norwegian line and end up at the Finnish line.

People in Sweden keep telling me how great it is living there...

But I think it's just Stockholm Syndrome.

What's the best thing about Sweden?

I can't pick, but their flag is a huge plus.

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Did you hear about the bike race that goes all the way across Norway and Sweden?

It ends at the Finnish line.

Why can't Sweden win a race?

Because, it always sits right behind the Finnish line

A woman from Sweden has been charged for having sex with a skeleton

Looks like she took "boning" to a whole new level

Donald Trump is said to have lack of foreign policy experience to be president, but in fairness, he has spent time meeting with foreign leaders around the world.

Ms. Sweden, Ms. Argentina...

The kings of Sweden and Denmark are having a press conference today

The king of Norway will also say a fjords

Sweden joke, The kings of Sweden and Denmark are having a press conference today

Sweden runs out of trash to recycle...

... Where's PewDiePie when you need him.

What do they call a bra in Sweden?

A holdsemfromfloppin

..Trump said "Buy american, Hire american"

Standing on an Ikea podium from *Sweden*, behind bullet proof by Saint Gobain Glass from *France*, smiling at a 4K Sony *Japanese* Video camera, speaking into a Dolby Sennheiser *German* microphone, with vigorous hand gestures giving a glimpse of a Rolex under the cuff made in *Switzerland*

he patriotically said ..*"Buy American, Hire American, Stop Immigrants".* while standing beside a *Slovenian wife*

It's too soon to make jokes about the Sweden Terror Attack

We should wait for it to happen first.

TIL that, by law, you have to turn your headlights on when it's raining in Sweden.

Who the fuck's going to let me know when it's raining in Sweden?

What happens when the stupidest Norwegian moves to Sweden?

The average IQ of both countries increase.

I went to Sweden to look for some Oxo Cubes.

I hear they have a really good shop there called "Stockhome".

What do they call pork in Sweden?


How do you boat North from Sweden?

You can't. There's Norway.

I've been living in Sweden for a long time and it's been quite comfortable…

…but then it might just be Stockholm syndrome.

TIL that Swedish Fish are actually shaped like Sweden, not fish.

Yeah, it turns out the fish part is a red herring.

What happens if a Danish blonde moves to Sweden?

The average intelligence of both countries goes up.

I've been considering moving to Sweden because of their flag...'s a big plus.

What is the best part about living in Sweden

Well, the flag is a big plus.

When does a race through Norway and Sweden end?

When you cross the Finnish line.

I hear immigrating to Sweden is tough.

They only let the right ones in.

When Sweden play Denmark in the World Cup the scoreboard will show SWE DEN...

I wonder what happens when Nigeria play Germany?

Just watching the Germany Sweden game and there's a Swedish player called lustig

that's funny.

I invited my two friends over for a party as I was trying to Sweden my sex life, but my wife said "Norway!"

So Dan, Mark and I had our 3-way as usual.

I'd like to go to Sweden

But I can't a-fjord it.

What do you call a person who lives in Sweden but isn't native?

An artificial swedener

Badum tss.

I decided to go vegan after visiting the meat production factory.

The livestock conditions were appalling.
The process involving production of Meatballs and Salami was bad.
But wait till you see the one of German sausage. It was the wurst.

Edit : Sweden has already decided to bring in regulations. I'd say they are ahead of the korv.

What do you call someone who immigrates to Sweden?

An artifical swedener

Noted archeologist Fred Flintstein made an amazing discovery today in Sweden

He found remains of some primitive musical instrument and a small deposit of fossilized excrement. when asked about what they signified,

Fred Flintstein replied: "A dab o' ABBA doo."

All this talk recently about following the Swedish model

I tried following a Swedish model one time. Apparently, Sweden has restraining orders, too...

Why do Scandinavian kids visit candy stores the most?

Because it's really Sweden there.

I've just been reading that, by law, you have to turn your headlights on when it's raining in Sweden.

And I'm thinking,

"Who the fuck's going to let me know when it's raining in Sweden?"

So there was a marathon in Sweden...

...that went all the way to the eastern border. I guess you could say the race ended at the Finnish line.

I heard that by law you have to turn on your lights when it's raining in Sweden

How the hell am I supposed to know when it's raining in Sweden?!

My government is spreading obviously false covid-19 info about x-mas parties

Here in Sweden the government lies and says that we can have Christmas gatherings of up to 8 people without any problems. Such obvious bull! Who knows 8 people without any problems?

In Sweden the CEO of IKEA was just elected president.

He should have his cabinet together by the end of the week.

What do you call an illegal immigrant living in Sweden?

An artificial Swedener

Although relations between the two countries have improved over the years, there's still a lot of bad blood between Finland and Norway.

It's called Sweden.

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