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Campus bookstore robbed

The Campus bookstore was just robbed of $25000. The criminal was seen taking a sweatshirt and 4 textbooks

Sweatshirts are my favorite thing.

Like am I wearing a bra or not? Probably not because I am a guy but the mystery is still there.

If the world is a sweatshirt, where do the poor people live?

In the hood.

Sweatshirt joke, If the world is a sweatshirt, where do the poor people live?

I bet the way a young lady earns a "Girls Gone Wild" shirt is very similar to

the way a young man earns a Penn State sweatshirt.

I saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt with 'Guess' on it …

So I said, "implants?"

I bought my mother-in-law a sweatshirt online, but I'm thinking of returning it.

It doesn't smell of sweat at all.

I went to the mall and was surprised to see a huge gap in it.

I went in it and got a nice sweatshirt for only 12.99.

Sweatshirt joke, I went to the mall and was surprised to see a huge gap in it.

What do you call a magic sweatshirt?

A Hoodie-ni

My friend just asked me why I'm wearing my sweatshirt in August

I told him I'm a trendsetter, I wear sweatshirts before its cool.

I told a guy he should rip the sleeves off his second amendment sweatshirt...

Exercise his right to bare arms.

Why did the man ask for a coffee shirt for his birthday?

Because he already had a sweatshirt.

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After watching the video "Sweatshirt"

I tried drinking bleach, but the bleach drank itself before I could drink it.

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