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Go away bee, don't bother me.

A wise man once told me, if a bee is bothering you, don't swat or run away, just stand still and look right at it, because seeing is believing.

This just in, giant fly attacking the city

The SWAT team has been called in to deal with the situation

Cockroaches are found to be capable in surviving a nuclear holocaust, but if you swat it with a newspaper it would die instantly

This shows how toxic the media is

Swat joke, Cockroaches are found to be capable in surviving a nuclear holocaust, but if you swat it with a news

We heard that the building was being attacked by a giant fly...

... So we called the SWAT team.

(OC) What do the cops do when they get a fly infestation?

Call in the swat team!

What's the differnce between donuts and dead kids?

A swat team doesn't break down my door over donuts.

How did the chief of police solve his fly infestation problem?

He called the SWAT team

Swat joke, How did the chief of police solve his fly infestation problem?

A giant fly has attacked the city.

Quick! Somebody call the swat team!

Who do you call during a Zika virus emergency?

The SWAT team

What do you call a SWAT team with Snoop Dogg?

A Blunt force

You know how cats always swat at each other for seemingly no reason? Turns out it's in their DNA.

I'm sure somewhere in their genome it reads CAT TAG

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You're police with Special weapons and tactics Harry

I'm a SWAT?

A giant fly has attacked the local Police Station

Police have called in the SWAT team

Annoying Youtubers are like flies

They bother you for too long, you SWAT them.

Family brain storming of dad jokes, feedback wanted.... why didn't the fly like the police?

Because of the SWAT.

#2 What did the therapist mug say to the cup?

You need to get a handle on that.

Who you gonna call when attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes?

The Swat Team

Swat joke, Who you gonna call when attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes?

Did you hear about the insect living in a brief case?

He flew off the handle when I tried to swat him.

How do cops get rid of flies?

They call in a S.W.A.T. team

What does the SWAT team listen to on the way to work?

The Raid-eo.

(I'll be here all night, folks)

Ever hear about the South African SWAT team?

They operate in areas with malaria outbreaks.

There was this kid who loved the police and loved to show support; unfortunately they were sent to the principal's office.

They were wearing a SWAT sticka.

I was trying to promote heavy policing in urban areas with a hip new logo you can post around your neighborhood...

"S.W.A.T. Stickas" didn't go over too well...

How do you kill 1000 flies at once?

Swat an Ethiopian

Who do you call when theres a fly in your house?

The SWAT team

Why will the internet never replace newspapers?

You can't swat a fly with the internet.

There was a fly in my home.

So I called the SWAT team.

What's every SWAT team leader's favourite chess move?


What do you you call a group of people running around with fly swatters?

SWAT team.

I was playing a game on my phone when a fly landed on my leg. I looked down to swat it, then looked back up, but by that time I lost the game.

I blame it on the bugs.

A women caught a bee in her house...

She called the SWAT team.

I'm an expert at killing flies

I'm a member of the SWAT team

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