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I got a puppy for my daughter...

Good swap if you ask me.

Swapping Positions

He said to me ... . ......... Shall we try swapping positions tonight?
I said to him .. That's a good idea - you stand by the stove & sink while I sit on the sofa and do nothing but fart

Nerd Joke: What's the difference between UDP and an epileptic?

Only one of them shakes hands.

I guess if you're worried about offending epileptics, you can swap out "epileptic" with "well-trained dog." I came up with this after hearing another UDP joke: "I know a great UDP joke, but you might not get it."

Swap joke, Nerd Joke: What's the difference between UDP and an epileptic?

I saw a squirrel bury a nut in my backyard today.

I'm going to swap it for a grilled cheese sandwich and blow his mind.

A pair of twins have a deal...

They constantly get in trouble with the law for various reasons and are frequently thrown in jail. They don't like staying in jail for too long, so they made a deal: if only one of the twins is arrested and imprisoned, the other twin will sneak in and swap places with them when they have spent half the time served in prison.

It's great to see these twins are so close that they're always finish each other's sentences.

So a Hipster goes into an auto parts store and asks for a fuel cap for his Smart Car.

The sales guy thinks for a moment and says, Yeah, O.K. that is a fair swap.

What do you call an attractive girl in Poland

A tourist.

Or swap in Poland for wherever, spread the love.

Swap joke, What do you call an attractive girl in Poland

Two Irish couples decided to swap partners for the night.

After 3 hours of amazing sex, Paddy says "I wonder how the girls are getting on"

What did one paedophile say to the other?

Swap you two fives for a ten

A man walks into a Lada dealership

... and says, "I'd like a hubcap for my Lada," so the dealer says: " that sounds like a fair swap."

My girlfriend told me we were going to have sex like an rpg tonight...

She played the boss character, and I was the adventurer. Unfortunately though it appeared I was under level, so I ended up having to swap out with another member of my party.

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What do you call an event for gay swingers?

A swap meat.

I swapped our double bed for a trampoline

When my wife found out, she hit the roof

Two couples are getting bored with their sex lives, so they decide to swap partners

After a night of wild passionate sex, Mike wakes up, rolls over, kisses his new lover, and says, "Last night was absolutely mind-blowing! Come on. Let's go see how the ladies made out."

I asked Arnold Schwarzenegger if he wanted to swap over to windows 10..

He said 'I still love Vista, Baby.'

Two couples decided to swap partners for sex

Two couples decided to swap partners for sex.

Afterwards, one of the guys said," That felt great! I wonder how the girls are doing."

Swap joke, Two couples decided to swap partners for sex

Two managers negotiated to swap their players for a trade.

Cleveland Cavaliers agreed to trade JR Smith for keeping the ball to Liverpool FC for Loris Karius for passing the ball.

What do you call an all male orgy?

A Swap Meat

A displeased customer walks in to a store.

A displeased customer walks in to a store.

"I'd like to return a broken boomerang which you have sold to me."

"Of course, no problem, we'll swap it for a new one. But, where is it?"

"Good question!"

The next time I hear about an inner city drag race and swap meet I'll ask more questions before going.

I went to the doctor for some advice about my health

He told me 'you should swap the late night drinking for some early morning runs'

So I've started eating curry

Two Irish couples decide to swap partners to spice up their sex lives.

Afterwards Paddy says to Mick "That was incredible, I wonder how the girls got on!"

If you take the words passed out and you take some letters out, swap some letters around, put some new in you get the phrase

Rape victim

over the weekend I've trained my wife to swap discs for me in my PS4....

what a game changer

Did you know there is a huge fair where people trade junk for sexual favors?

It's called a swap meat.

Barman: "Would you like a beer for your wife?"

"That sounds like a fair swap"

Ever since I decided to swap gender my son never notices me…

Honestly he looks right through me and doesn't acknowledge my existence and seems to be frightened when I say something. It's like I'm totally trans-parent

2 lawyers are in a restaurant eating their sandwiches.

The owner walks in and says, "You can't eat your own food in here!"

The lawyers sigh and swap sandwiches.

I think we should swap the weekend days

Cause Sundays are definitely sadder days.

Irish Swingers

Two Irish couples decide to swap partners for the night.

After 3 hours of amazing sex, Paddy says: "I wonder how the girls are getting on".

Last week I was bored, so I decided to swap around the labels on my wifes spice rack. So far, she hasn't noticed.

Mark my words though, the thyme is cumin.

I went to a car dealership with my wife

We were intending to swap our old Ford to a newer one. The salesman sees us climb out of our car, comes up and says: "Is that an Escort?"

Me: "No this is my wife"

My SUV needs all 4 tires replaced at a total cost of $800. That's more than the stimulus they gave us and so the wife freaked out a little.

I told her that it's no big deal and we can just rent a SUV for a day and it would only cost $50.

She said I was an idiot and that we would need an SUV for more then 24 hours.

Then I explained to her that it's more then enough time for me to swap the tires.

Two lawyers walk into a restaurant.

They put their briefcases on the floor and order two coffees. They get their coffee and pull out lunches from their briefcases.

"Sorry," the waitress says, "You can`t eat your own food here."

The lawyers look at one another, shrug their shoulders and swap sandwiches.

I thought it was romantic to secretly swap my girlfriend's backpack for a bag of roses.

Her skydiving instructor didn't.

My friend and I are gonna try a "wife swap"

I need golf clubs and he's hoping to get a truck

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