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A massive hailstorm ravages a town...

...leaving plenty of damage in its wake. A blonde takes her hailstone-dented car to a body shop to have the dents removed.

The body shop owner is already swamped with work due to the storm, and decides to have some fun with her. He tells the blonde: "You know, you don't have to pay me to have these removed. All you have to do is go home and blow into the tailpipe - all of your dents will pop out."

The blonde drives home, parks in her driveway, and blows into the tailpipe. Over and over she tries and tries, huffing and puffing but to no avail. The girl's roommate, another blonde, arrives home to see the first blonde laying in the driveway completely winded and asks what's going on. The first blonde explains what the mechanic told her, before ending with "I've been at this for an hour, but it's not working."

Roommate looks at the car for a moment before turning to the first blonde and says, "no duh it's not working! Your windows are open!!"

EDIT - grammar

Nurse: "Doctor, there's a man that said that he thinks he turned invisible!"

Doctor: "Well I'm swamped right now, so tell him, unfortunately, I can't see him"

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