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My father was a conjoined twin. I always referred to his brother as "my uncle on my father's side."

But everythings ok now. They were able to surgically be separated. He's now "my uncle, once removed."

When two criminals get surgically attached

They are con fused

My friend just confessed to me that he had his third n**... surgically removed.

He really needed to get that off his chest.

My friend just told me that he had his third n**... surgically removed.

He just needed to get it off his chest.

My niece was born with no eyelids, bless her heart, but the doctors were able to replace them with surgically removed f**......

Only side effect is she's a little c**...-eyed now.

What do you call a robot doctor that surgically changes a person's gender?

A transformer

I found out I have Scoliosis

God finally gave me curves,
Shame they ll be surgically removed.

Did you hear about the baby born with no eyelids?

They used his circumcised f**... to surgically replace his eyelids. The surgery was a success although he is a little c**...-eyed

What do you call a man who has had his calves removed and the ends of his feet surgically reattached in their place?


A baby is born..

A baby is born and after the initial examination, the doctor returns with some news.

"Mama," says the doctor, " I'm sorry to tell you this but your son was born without any eyelids. But, it is an easy fix." He says "After we've circumcised him, we can surgically recreate new eyelids with his f**...."

"Oh dear" says the new mother "but won't that make him c**...-eyed?"

"Yes" replies the doctor "but he'll have excellent foresight"

Did you hear about the flower that had its stamen surgically removed?

It must have been a transplant.

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Surprisingly true fact

A recent study has shown that if a doctor surgically removes all of the veins from your body and lays them end to end, you will die.

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