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Funny Surgical Jokes and Puns

My rabbi told me this one.

An orthodox Jewish man is about to go through heart surgery.

Before his doctor begins, he asks the Jewish man if he's ever had a surgical operation before, and if so, how it went.

The Jewish man responds, "I've only had surgery one time, and I couldn't walk for a year and a half."

I went into a Starbucks earlier and asked the barista why they were wearing a surgical mask.

They replied: "I'm not, it's a coughy filter"

I got a book titled 'A Guide to Surgical Procedures'.

I opened it up and the appendix was missing.

Surgical joke, I got a book titled 'A Guide to Surgical Procedures'.

A recent study has shown patient mortality rates increase with the age of the doctor

Next week I have a surgical consultation with a particularly clever-looking newborn.

What do you call the surgical procedure for a female to male sex change?

An Addadicktome.

"This surgical knife isn't sharp,"

...Dr. Swiftie said bluntly.

Surgical operations

When you get your tonsils removed: tonsillectomy
When you have your appendix removed: appendicectomy
When a woman has a sex change: addadictomy

Surgical joke, Surgical operations

The prostitute said we could do it as long as we both wore surgical masks and persepex visors.

Suits me. They normally charge extra when I suggest that.

What do you call a F2M surgical procedure?

An addadicktome.

You know when you get your ears removed but there aren't any surgical lights around so you use car lights?

It's a de-ear in the headlights.

What's an English majors favorite surgical procedure?

A semicolon-oscopy

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I told someone that I don't want to ever see him again

He just said: You're welcome." as he took off his mask and surgical glove.

Why should doctors wear surgical masks when pulling the plug on Donald Trump?

So no one can see their smiles.

Did you hear about the bombed hospital in Afghanistan?

You could almost say it was a surgical strike.

Gender Mender

(Surgical knife for Bruce Jenner)

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