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What do you call a fish that performs brain surgeries?

A neurosturgeon

Surgeon: "don't worry, Micheal. This is but a small surgery"

Patient: "my name is not Micheal. It's Dan".

Surgeon: "I know. My name is Micheal".

*after 500 surgeries.

Patient: "Doctor, I'm really worried. This is my first surgery".

Surgeon Micheal: "Don't worry. This is my 500th surgery".

Patient: "thanks Doctor. Now I know I'm in good hands".

Doctor Micheal:" yeah, this time it ought to succeed".

I met a plastic surgeon at a bar last night...

He specialized in male-to-female s**... reassignment surgeries. He was a pretty nice guy, but a total *womanizer*.

I grew a whole foot the summer after 8th Grade!

Yeah the doctors were shocked, It took 3 surgeries to remove.

The surgeon really did not know how to perform quick surgeries on insects...

...but he did one on the fly.

The Mitsubishi ASX is like any 60s/70s/80s celebrity.

It's old, attracts older people, has received many plastic surgeries, and just won't die already.

s**... change surgeons should call their surgeries an 'Adadictomy.'


With all these scandals coming out of Hollywood

I wonder if they need all the plastic surgeries to make them unrecognizable or if they just need plastic surgeries to make them look human.

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