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Do you guys have any clean ish Super Hero jokes?

I'm going to be an Emcee at a superhero themed event and some jokes would be great. The sexual assault superman one just won't fly. Many people there aren't really into super heros but some (very few) are.

My favorite so far is...

If Iron Man and Silver Surfer teamed up....they would be alloys.

If Iron Man and the Silver Surfer Joined Forces

They would become alloys

If Silver Surfer and Iron man...

If Silver Surfer and Iron man began working together, they'd be alloys

Surfer joke, If Silver Surfer and Iron man...

What do you call iron man and silver surfer when they work together?


A Physicist Gets Into A Car Accident

A surfer dude approaches the shattered driver's-side window and asks, "Are you hurt, man? The driver replies, "No, I'm Feynman".

Iron Man and the Silver Surfer should team up.

They'd be strong alloys.

Why did the surfer take off his underwear?

He wanted to hang loose for a bit! :p

Surfer joke, Why did the surfer take off his underwear?

Racist Surfer

What did the racist surfer say when asked about hanging a black man?

Hang ten dude!!

What is a surfer guy's favorite horror movie?

Saw duude!

Why did the surfer join ISIS?

Because he was totally radical!

How does a surfer cut down a tree?

With a sahhhh dude

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When is the only time when No shirt no shorts no shoes gets you service?

If you're a surfer and you're getting head.

What did the surfer say when he visited Syria?

This place is totally radical!

Why was the surfer such a bad cook?

All he could handle was the microwave

What's a surfers least favourite household appliance?

A Microwave.

Two surfer dudes are sitting in church

One turns to the other and says, "DUDE! Did you know God has a name?"

"Dude, NO WAY!!!"


Surfer joke, Two surfer dudes are sitting in church

If Ironman and Silver Surfer teamed up

They would be alloys

I dated a surfer and she laughed at me one time when I fell into the water.

We weren't on the same wavelength.

I once dated a surfer chick but we had a lot of trouble communicating.

Guess we weren't on the same wavelength.

What did the ocean say to the surfer that wouldn't leave it alone?

I need my privasea.

Do you know why surfers eat their food cold?

Because they don't like microwaves.

What happened when tge Silver Surfer met Iron Man?

They became alloys!

Why did the Surfer get lost at Sea?

Cuz he never learned the alphabet.

I like my surfers how I like my fires...


How do you know when a surfer has drowned?

There's a Gnarly Wake

How can you tell when a surfer dude just broke up with his girlfriend?

He's homeless now.

Why did the surfer couple break up?

Because they weren't on the same wavelength

What do you call a vegan surfer who can only surf half a wave?


What did the surfer say after his legs were bitten off by a shark?

what a waist..

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