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I did a suprise bukkake party for my wife...

Everybody came. You should have seen her face!

Scientists have discovered the new element AH

The element of suprise

I asked my daughter if she knew what today was.

To my suprise she said presidents day.

I asked her if she knew why we celebrate presidents day.

She said that its the day the president walks out of the white house and if he sees his shadow we have one more year of bull shit.

Suprise joke, I asked my daughter if she knew what today was.

I'm suprised that there aren't more fat lesbians...

All they ever talk about is eating out.

Suprised that Epstine commited suicide?

So was he!

I ate so much at Thanksgiving,

I had to loosen my Fitbit.

How do u say suprise in german?


Suprise joke, How do u say suprise in german?

I was suprised Green Bay lost.

I thought Aaron Rodgers had a shot.

Why cant you suprise a snow man?

Because its an inanimate object.

What did the vampire say when he saw a pregnant woman?

Kinder Suprise.

Suprise me!

I went to the pub last night and the barman asked what I wanted so I said suprise me
He then showed me a naked picture of my girlfriend

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So America won gold for shooting in the Olympics.

No suprise there.

A blind girl went to a suprise bukakke party...

She didn't know what came over her.

Want to know the top 10 facts about diarrhoea?

Number 2 will suprise you!

I had a suprise test at school today

I was totally surprised

What do you call the element of suprise?

The Spanish Inquisition

Suprise joke, What do you call the element of suprise?

I threw my blind girlfriend a suprise bukakke party...

You should have seen her face. She didn't see it coming.

What do Germans call an unexpected pregnancy?

Ein Kinder Suprise

What did the suprised Muslim say?

Holy Shi'ite!

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