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What do you call a white supremacist with an IQ of 56?


What do you call a Mexican supremacist organization against civil rights?

The Que Que Que.

A Cuban, a Canadian, and a White Supremacist walk into a bar...

Bartender says, "what'll it be Ted?"

Supremacist joke, A Cuban, a Canadian, and a White Supremacist walk into a bar...

A Cuban, a Canadian, and a white supremacist walk into a bar.

The bartender says, "Ah, Senator Cruz, what are you having?"

If Hitler were a black supremacist English teacher what would the Holocaust be called?


I met this european guy last night who claimed he was a well endowed white supremacist

Well, he said he was a hung aryan

What do you call a white supremacist who fights aliens at night?

A white power ranger

Supremacist joke, What do you call a white supremacist who fights aliens at night?

I'm going to create a Mexican supremacist group called the ???

The ¿que que que?

What do you call an ex-military white supremacist?

A veteran-aryan

What's a white supremacist favorite sonata?


A white supremacist, racist, and antisemite walk into a bar

Oh wait, that's the White House

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What do you call a white supremacist that doesn't eat meat?

A VegitAryan

This has nothing to with the current political climate. I work with several vegetarians and we were talking about food today and it the joke just hit me.

How do you know if a chemist is a White Supremacist?

If he talks about potassium three times a day.

What do you call an angry, white supremacist?

A saltine cracker.

Did you hear about the white supremacist marathon runner?

He's a real racist.

I met a guy who was advocating death to all lefties.

He was a right supremacist.

Supremacist joke, I met a guy who was advocating death to all lefties.

My dad who has a really thick Asian accent just asked me..

Did you see the white *super racist* riot in Virginia? He was trying to say **supremacist**. Honestly, he wasn't wrong tho.

What's the difference between lake Michigan and a white supremacist?

One is not a sea and the other one is a not-sea.

What does a white supremacist have in common with someone with poor fashion sense?

Inferior genes.

What wasthe white supremacist weatherman's forecast?

Heavy reign, with a chance of heil.

An Islamophobe, a White Supremacist & a sexual predator walk into a bar...

The Barman says, 'What it'll be Mr.Trump?'

A man goes into a white supremacist diner..

He orders "2 eggs over easy."
The waiter brought out just egg whites.
"Where is the rest of my food?" Asked the patron
The waiter replied "Whites only in my diner! This is no yoke!"

A white supremacist gets tested for diseases

So much for their "pure blood" claim, the only thing that came up negative was their IQ test.

So my friend goes to try and join a white supremacist group...

They ask him to go out and shoot six black guys and a rabbit.

My friend asks: "but why the rabbit?"

He got in.

What's the difference between a white supremacist and Heroine?

I thought twice about shooting heroine

They ask a white supremacist if we should change the name of the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of US . . .

He replies: I don't care, as long as it's Not Sea ...

What does a white supremacist eat at birthdays?

KKKake. No brownies allowed though.

What do you get when you cross a republican and a white supremacist?

A white supremacist

So there's this new white supremacist reggae song...

It's called 'every little thing is gonna be alt-right'

How do you circumcise a white supremacist?

You punch his sister in the jaw

What do you call someone who thinks they deserve a senior discount?

A white hair supremacist.

Why did the white supremacist only go out at night?

He didn't want anyone to know that his shadow was black.

How did the white supremacist acknowledge Kim Kardashian?

"'Kay, KK."

What do you call a person who thinks zombies are superior to people?

A wight supremacist

What do you call a Hispanic white supremacist?

A Qué Qué Qué member.

What's the difference between a KKK member and a white supremacist?

Us white supremacists aren't afraid to show our faces.

What does the white supremacist pirate say?

Well I'm not gonna repeat it but it ends with a hard Arrrr!

A therapist who couldn't pronounce his R's correctly was recently fired for being a white supremacist.

Because he told his patients that everything was going to be all white .

Why did the white supremacist start a baking company?

Because his family had a long history of being in bread.

What do you call a white supremacist at a BLM rally?

An ambulance.

It doesn't make sense that trump is a white supremacist.

Why isn't he an orange supremacist?

What do you call a blind white supremacist?

A Not-See

What do you call an albino white supremacist?

An asshole.

Came up with my first joke

What do you call a white supremacist that can't see? A not see

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