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Tuna must age about five times faster than humans.

This is supported by the fact that tuna half-hours are equal to 150 minutes.

When I supported strip mining

I thought it was going to be a lot more sexy

A Catholic priest was drowning......

A Catholic priest was drowning in a ocean when suddenly a boat supported and asked the priest " do you need some help? You are drowning!""

He replied "No thank you God will save me"

Then another boat came and asked the priest " do you need some help? You are drowning!"

He replied "No thank you God will save me"

Then the priest died and asked God " God I believed in you why didn't you save me?"

To which god replied "I sent you 2 boats you dummy"

There were two types of people in the Soviet Union

People who supported the Communist Party and dead people.

The wizard materialized on the hill above the outdoor festival and proclaimed, All shall be vanquished.... except those in temporary shelters supported by a pole, and fully aquatic animals with spade-shaped teeth!

The area was safe for all in tents and porpoises.

Three political prisoners sit in a gulag prison...

One of the men asks the other, "What are you in for?"

He responds, "I opposed Comrade Popov in 1937. What about you?"

The first man replies "I supported Comrade Popov in 1938. How about you?" he asks the third man

The third man says "I am Comrade Popov."

I'm the humanoid version of Windows95..

I'm slow, past my prime, constantly crashing, and no longer supported.

Supported joke, I'm the humanoid version of Windows95..

For the bridge enthusiasts out there: I think my ex must have been a bottom supported bridge with a track running down the middle.

Cantilever alone without someone running a train on her.

Work in progress, needs fine tuning.

A cockroach in my home just came out of the closet.

I was shocked at first but I made sure that it felt supported and loved no matter what or whome it loved.

Sarah Jessica Parker was asked if she supported the company that manufactures the Epi-pen.

She replied: "Nay"

I have a step ladder

I never knew my real ladder...but I heard great things about him, like he supported 3 people at one time... last I heard he was In a 12 step program

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I've never supported the study of the moral compass.

It's just con science.

My friend named Lactose told me he supported gay marriage.

I guess you could say he was lactose and tolerant!

A high-dea supported by evidence...

Is called a High-pot-thesis

Early christians supported marijuana usage.

Just think about how many get stoned.

Did you hear about the Canadian that told his parents he is gay?

They were proud of him and supported him fully for finally coming *oout*

Supported joke, Did you hear about the Canadian that told his parents he is gay?

Jared from Subway can now try what he supported.

He can now get a 6 inch, or a foot long in prison.

I don't know whether my parents supported our autism or not...

I certainly remember a sign they made - "FAST CHILDREN CROSSING".

Why was the blind politician protested?

He said he supported the 'not see' party.

My friend supported me in everything I did in the house.

He was just really good at indoors-ment.

What do gay marriage and the Cubs have in common?

As senator, Hillary Clinton supported neither.

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