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After having his title stripped and funds cut off by the Royal Family, Harry has taken up painting to supplement his income.

He's the Artist formerly known as Prince.

What supplement is good for wrinkles?


What did the Mandalorian say at the supplement store?

This is the whey.

Supplement joke, What did the Mandalorian say at the supplement store?

Why did the farmer have to supplement his income by DJing at night?

because his Beets were sick

What type of energy supplement do terrorist take?


Is milk the best workout supplement?

No, whey man!

(My first dad joke, im so proud!)

What is a Mexican bodybuilder's favorite supplement?

GΓΌey protein.

Supplement joke, What is a Mexican bodybuilder's favorite supplement?

The supplement store said they were out of protein powder...

'No Whey!' I said

What should you do when a supplement knocks on your door?

You invitamin.

Pregnant ladies are sitting around knitting

One lady says, "I am taking an iron supplement, want my child to be strong."
Next lady says, ' I am taking calcium because I want my baby to have healthy bones."
Last lady says, "I'm taking Thalidomide....I just can't get these arms right."

Why couldn't the effective vitamin supplement achieve true happiness?

He was too super fish oil.

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My friend told me about a new supplement to radically increase your muscle growth...

I told him "no way!" and he replied "actually it's all whey."

What is the favorite supplement of a Mexican pirate??


Have you heard about the new lesbian supplement for mood enhancement?

It's called Tricoxagin.

I told someone I supplement with nootropics. They asked if I take them for a certain problem.

I said no, they're for recreational purposes .

I guess you can say, I take them for the phenubit.

What's the best supplement for wrinkles?


Supplement joke, What's the best supplement for wrinkles?

What was the Canadian powerlifters favourite supplement?


What is every Spanish pirates' favorite nutritional supplement?


What did Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac call his workout supplement store?

"You can go your own whey, go your own whey"

The Diet Pill

A woman heads to a supplement store to buy diet pills in hopes to lose weight. She asks the sales clerk what he recommends and he hands her a pill bottle claiming they are the best. She pays and goes home eager to lose weight. After a week she notices no effects and that the pills are very light, she opens one up and to her surprise they are empty. She goes back to the store and asks why these pills are all empty. The sales clerk then replies, "Well miss, they *are* diet pills".

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