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As a child, I always thought of my dad as a superhero

The Invisible Man

What's the difference between iron-man and iron woman?

one is a superhero and the other is a command.

I was having a look...

In my mothers bedroom the other day and I found a whip, a mask and handcuffs in her wardrobe. I couldn't believe it... My mothers a superhero!!!!!

Superhero joke, I was having a look...

How does the pope refer to his secret superhero identity?

It's his altar ego.

Do you guys have any clean ish Super Hero jokes?

I'm going to be an Emcee at a superhero themed event and some jokes would be great. The sexual assault superman one just won't fly. Many people there aren't really into super heros but some (very few) are.

My favorite so far is...

If Iron Man and Silver Surfer teamed up....they would be alloys.

Who is Vietnam's greatest superhero?


There should be an MtF superhero group.

They would be the Ex-Men.

Superhero joke, There should be an MtF superhero group.

A superhero who destroys his victims with horrible innuendos

The PUNisher

What is the Great Gatsby's favorite superhero?

Green Lantern.
His least favorite?

How many billionaires does it take to make a superhero?

Three. Two to get murdered and one to never get over it.

My transgender uncle is a superhero...

We call him Aunt-Man.

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What superhero consists of only 16 atoms?

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!!

What superhero should you never have dinner with?

Spider-Man. He never saves any Uncle Ben's.

superheros and religion are alot more similar than you think

Just a bunch people arguing whose fictional character is the best.

Which Marvel superhero is transgender?

Ironman, he's a Fe male.

What do you call a Mexican superhero?

Juan Punch Man.

Superhero joke, What do you call a Mexican superhero?

I bought purple Jell-O mix and now I feel like a superhero.

With grape powder comes great responsibility.

If Caitlyn Jenner was a superhero, what team would she fight for ?


Which superhero loves to whip out his junk in public?

The Flash

Marvel Comics have announced a new female, Muslim superhero who can fly.

Which is handy, cause she's not allowed to drive.

What Superhero group would Caitlyn Jenner be apart of?

The X-Men

Heard Caitlyn Jenner wants to be in a superhero movie.

I think she'll either be an X-Men or Transformers

What superhero team should Caitlin Jenner be in?

The X-men

The Justice League has a vacancy and the number 7 is interviewing to fill a superhero position...

Batman: Thank you for coming, 7. Its been rough since the Flash took off and we're having a hard time finding someone to replace him. Let's get right to it. What is your first power?

Number 7: Well, for my whole life I've been in prime condition and I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon.

Bathman: That's great to hear. What do you consider your second power to be?

Number 7: 49

Which superhero can beat Captain America?

Captain Vietnam

A research team asked a group of drug addicts who their favorite superhero was..

Oddly enough, almost all of them said Wonder Woman. The research team doesn't really know why, I guess they're just big fans of the heroine...

Have you heard about the new Marvel feminist superhero?


I just saw a black guy running down the road with a Cape on

I shouted, "Are you a Superhero?".

He said, "No, I haven't paid for my haircut!".

If Caitlyn Jenner was a superhero...

I'm not sure what her name would be, but I'm quite sure she'd be a part of the Ex-men.

What do you call a superhero who's made out of instant noodles?


"Hey, Bill, what do you think of this new super-hero comic I'm working on? It's about an ant-size tangent line that has x-ray vision."

"Sounds cool, but isn't that a little derivative?"

If Caitlyn Jenner became a superhero...

Would she be an ex-man or a trans-former?

If a nihilist were to become a superhero...

...would they wear a Futility Belt?

Why doesn't Nick Fury have a super-hero name?

Because "cyclops" was already taken.

What do you call a Superhero with a dentist alter ego?

Plaque Panther

Imagine a world without bloated superhero movies...

...wouldn't it be marvelless?

What do you call a group of superhero vultures?

The Scavengers

What did the critics say about Stallone's superhero movie?

It was DREDDful.

Why couldn't the press take pictures of the fastest superhero?

No Flash photography.

I asked my wife if I'm a superhero in bed.

She said yes! The Flash.

What's the difference between a superhero and an ant that cannot speak?

Nothing, both are mutants.

How many rich people does it take to create a superhero?

Three: two to die, and one to never get over it.

How many superheroes can you fit in one car?


Two in the front

Two in the back

And Peter Parker in the ash tray

I'm not allowed to dress up as a superhero and visit the children's hospital anymore.

And I put so much work into my Thanos costume.

What did the Superhero wear to Court?

His Class Action Suit

As a kid my favorite superhero was The Flash and my favorite animal was the cheetah,

I guess that explains why I'm now addicted to speed

What superhero would be the the best stripper?

The Flash

Whenever I have sex, i feel like a superhero

Mostly because I'm wearing a mask

Did you hear about the Marvel superhero that got busted for stealing a truck full of soft French Cheese?

It was brie larceny.

Captain Marvel wasn't the first standalone female superhero...

Iron man was, because he's Fe-Male

How many billionaires does it take to make a superhero?

Two to die, and one to never get over it.

I think everyone's dad is like a superhero to them.

Mine was the Invisible Man.

How many billionaires does it take to create a superhero ?

Three. Two to die and one to never get over it.

Who was the first superhero to get Covid?


Who was Marvel's first transgender superhero?

Aunt Man

Who is the worst superhero?

Vacuum Man. He sucks.

Does anyone recall the guy in the superhero outfit at the Capitol on January 6th?

He was on the far right.

What Marvel Superhero is the best at HTML?


New superpower

A man applies to be a superhero as a part of the X-Men

When asked what his superpower is, the man replies "Hindsight".

The doctor says "That won't be of any use to us".

The man replies, "Yes, I see that now".

billionaire superheroes

How many billionaires does it take to create a superhero?

Three. Two to die and one to never get over it.

We used to call our Grandad 'Spiderman', not because of his agility or that he was a superhero...

It's because he couldn't get out the bath by himself.

Iron Man is a superhero.

"Iron Woman" is a sexist command

I think I just met a superhero at the pub

He said he could make any man or woman see through walls, he said his name was "The Glazier"

what do you call a superhero that likes to cook?


DC Comics: Introducing the incredible Butt Cleansing Man! Regular guy by night...

Superhero bidet.

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