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If Reza from the show "Shah's of Sunset" wrote a book...

Would he call it, "Memoirs of a Gay Shah?"

What do you call it when you eat a lemon at sunset?

The Golden Sour.

2 village idiots are walking... the woods in December. They spend long hours there, seemingly looking at the trees. As time goes by, they argue more and more. Finally, at sunset, one tells the other:

"Look, I don't care if the next one doesn't have any decorations, we're taking it for Christmas!"

Sunset joke, 2 village idiots are walking...

A small plane crashed into a cemetery...

the forensics found no survivors. They have found 268 bodies by sunset. They will continue searching tomorrow morning...

What's a sailor's favorite thing to watch at sunset?

Knot movies

What do you call twin brothers?

A sunset

So I was hiking up my favorite path the other day to watch the sunset...

Sunset joke, So I was hiking up my favorite path the other day to watch the sunset...

An old married could sitting on their rocking chairs out on the porch watching the sunset...

Rocking away enjoying the sunset, when the woman takes her cane and suddenly smacks the old man on the leg.

"Hey... what was that for?" he protests

"For 60 years of bad sex!" she says.

They go back to rocking.

A few moments later he takes his cane and smacks her on the leg.

"Hey... what was that for?" she cries.

"That's for knowing the difference!"

Lion: we said to meet at sunset..

Sometimes I like to just watch the sunset in the park by myself.

I carry a gun with me to keep it that way.

A Texan at the Grand Canyon

I had a Slovakian friend who toured the Grand Canyon on his American holiday in a group with a Texan in it. They're standing on the precipice watching a sunset over the vast Southwest pastel and neon sky, when the Texan points to the stunning, striated canyon walls below and utters to my friend in a whisper, You know, I could fix that hole.

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On warm summer nights I like to stare off longingly into the sunset and wonder

Why can't I see anything?

Guys are always making fun of girls for posting the same sunset all over Facebook and Snapchat, but I bet they didnt know this...


My dog said the sunset was beautiful today...

But I thought it was arful

I thought my grandfather had died in the most ideal way: in Hawaii, watching the sunset, drinking a beer on a hammock

But it turns out being strangled to death isn't fun.

You know what gets really dark, really fast?

The world after sunset

Sunset joke, You know what gets really dark, really fast?

She reminded him of sunset

Orange and hard on the eyes.

A critic walked up and down the aisles of a modern art exhibit.

He stopped before one particularly abstract work.

"What in the world is that supposed to be?" He wondered aloud.

"That," said the artist, "is *supposed* to be the Great Wall of China at sunset."

"Then why isn't it?" snapped the critic.

Know your homonyms

As teacher was correcting essays written by her students she read, "Pedro jumped on his burrow and rode off into the sunset."

She wrote at the bottom of the page, "You obviously have problems with homonyms. A burrow is a hole in the ground. A burro is an ass. At your age it's time to learn the difference."

An old married couple were sitting on the porch enjoying the sunset.

The old woman suddenly turned to her husband and smacked him across his face.

The old man was shocked. "Now why the hell you'd do that for, Ethel?"

"That was for forty years of bad sex," she said smugly.

A couple minutes passed and then the old man turned to his wife and slapped her back even harder.

"What the heck was that for, Harold?"

"That's for knowing the difference!"

As they stood on top of The Eiffel Tower, watching a beautiful sunset, he got down on one knee and said, Honey?

She gasped audibly and said, Yeah?

He said, Help! My replacement knee is made of magnets.

Men of reddit, does sunset give you an erection?

Because morning would.

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