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I can't believe I forgot to bring sunscreen to the beach....

...boy was my face red.

Have you heard? They pulled the Steve Irwin brand of sunscreen off the shelves.

It didn't protect against deadly rays.

Why did the Republican get a sunburn?

Because the sunscreen instructed to apply liberally and he was unwilling to compromise.

Why should Steve Irwin have put on sunscreen?

To protect himself from the harmful rays.

Did you know Steve Irwin would still be alive if he wore sunscreen?

It protects from deadly rays.

What do you call sunscreen in Ireland?


Two potatoes (no Latvians)

So two potatoes are sitting on the beach relaxing and one starts going on about how he doesn't need sunscreen and how he has such a nice tan. The other potato fed up yells at him "I'm trying to relax, quit your yammering".

Sunscreen joke, Two potatoes (no Latvians)

Why did Steve Irwin's sunscreen get recalled?

It didn't protect him from harmful rays

Whenever I feel a conversation is becoming dull, I start talking about sunscreen...

because it's topical.

Don't forget to wear sunscreen if you go to an outdoor Bernie rally

Or else you'll be peeling the burn.

What happened when Steve Irwin forgot to put on sunscreen?

He got hurt from harmful rays

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Did you hear about the cvs looted by BLM supporters?

They took everything but the sunscreen and Father's Day cards.

TIL if Steve Irwin had worn sunscreen that fateful day, he would have survived.

Apparently it protects against harmful rays.

What do you call Irish sunscreen?

A pub.

Why don't you buy sunscreen from Steve Irwin?

Because it doesn't protect you from harmful rays

If Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter was wearing sunscreen that day he would still be alive

Sunscreen protects against harmful rays

Sunscreen joke, If Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter was wearing sunscreen that day he would still be alive

There's a new scam involving counterfeit copper tone sunscreen.

Police are warning the public to read the ingredient list to avoid getting burned.

Next time you put on sunscreen, remember....

If it couldn't save Steve Erwin from harmful rays, what good is it gonna do you?

Why do bananas need to use sunscreen?

cuz they peel.

I saw where they pulled all the Steve Irwin sunscreen off the market for false advertising.

It didn't protect against harmful rays.

What do you get when a topless blonde rubs sunscreen on a topless brunette?

Your camera

The beauty industry:

For men: This can be used as a shampoo, body wash, face wash, lotion, mouth wash, tooth paste, engine degreaser, spackle, or sunscreen

For women: We've specially formulated this moisturizer for your left elbow

Why couldn't the redneck use sunscreen?

Because the instructions said to apply liberally

How do Democrats apply their sunscreen?


I heard they recalled Ray Rice's wife's new line of sunscreen.

It turns out it doesn't protect against harmful rays.

Apparently Steve Irwin had his own line of sunscreen but it was taken off the market when he died.

It wasn't protecting against harmful rays.

Sunscreen joke, Apparently Steve Irwin had his own line of sunscreen but it was taken off the market when he died.

I heard Steve Irwin has his own line of sunscreen...

It's supposed to block the rays

I didn't get the job at the sunscreen company.

They said you can always reapply.

TIL Steve Irwin would have lived if he were wearing sunscreen.

It protects from harmful rays.

"Hey Dad, have you seen my sunglasses?"

"Nope. Have you seen my dad glasses?"

It wasn't worth it to ask him if he had any sunscreen...

Steve Irwin put on sunscreen.

Too bad it didn't protect him from harmful rays.

A new sunscreen called Sun-Off has been causing skin rashes on people's bellies after application.

It's a real Sun-Off Ab Itch

TIL Steve Irwin had a failed "Crocodile Hunter" sunscreen brand.

Apparently it didn't protect you from harmful rays

Yo momma so fat...

She use ranch as sunscreen.

Steve Irwin died because he wasn't wearing sunscreen.

If he had, it would've protected him from harmful rays.

You know Steve Irwin would still be alive if he wore sunscreen.

Would have protected him from the harmful rays.

Little did you know, but Steve Irwin would have lived if he had put on enough sunscreen.

It would have protected him from the harmful rays.

Why are conservatives known as rednecks?

They don't use sunscreen because the bottle says to apply liberally.

Why are there so many rednecks in Florida?

Because sunscreen instructions include: apply liberally

What should Steve Irwin worn the day he died?

Sunscreen. Know why..?
Because it protects you from harmful rays.

Steve Irwin would still be alive today if he put on sunscreen

It protects you from harmful rays

Why did the banana put on sunscreen?

Because it peels!

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