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  1. Muslims are a lot like breakfast eggs. If they aren't Sunni side up, they're probably Shiite.
  2. My muslim neighbors were fighting over their suzuki and nissan cars. The Ciaz vs sunny problems are getting out of hand.
  3. Two Muslim vampires are discussing the weather... Vampire 1: It's really Sunni outside.
    Vampire 2: Shiite!
    Courtesy of my 8-year-old.
  4. Shia muslims are not welcome in the City of Brotherly Love... Because it's always sunni in Philadelphia.
  5. I asked my dad if all Muslims could one day live in peace. He said "Sunni, that's Shia madness."
  6. In light of situations in the Middle East, I think some humor may be called for How do Muslims like their eggs?
    Sunni side up.

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  1. What do the weather in England and a Muslim have in common? It's either Sunni or Shiite.
  2. Muslim weather is so unpredictable... It's either Sunni or Shiite.
  3. Did you know the weather is just like a Muslim? It's either Sunni or it's Shiite.
  4. How do the Muslims like their eggs cooked? Sunni side up. I know this is a Shiite joke.
  5. Muslims are a bit like the weather... They're either Sunni or Shiite.
  6. What's a Muslim's favorite TV show? It's always sunni in Philadelphia
  7. The weather in England is like the Muslims in Iraq. It's either Sunni, or Shiite.
  8. A Sunni and a Shia Muslim have a child together They name her Sushi
  9. Why is British weather muslim? Because when it isn't sunni, it's utter shiite
  10. The British weather has just been declared Muslim A little bit Sunni but mostly Shiite
  11. What do you call a Muslim that only prays during the Summer? Sunni.
  12. What kind of muslim live in LA? It's always sunni in California...
  13. What did the Muslim vampire say? Awwww shiite, it's really sunni outside today!
  14. What do you get when a sunni and a shia muslim have a baby? Sushi.
  15. Saw an attractive Muslim girl the other day.... "Was she sunni?"
    "Nah, s**...-ite"

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English Weather

I just read something about weather in England:
The Archbishop of Canterbury and The Royal Commission for Political Correctness announced today that the climate in the UK should no longer be referred to as _'English Weather'._
In order to no longer offend a sizable portion of the UK population, it will now be referred to as _'Muslim Weather'_ -- partly Sunni, but mostly s**...'ite.

Two English Muslims go on holiday in Spain...

Two English Muslims go on a long holiday in Spain, and they're having a wonderful time until one day the weather turns and it rains for three days straight. On the fourth day, one of them looks out of the window in the morning.
"Ahmed, I think we can visit some of the local buildings today. We should bring an umbrella though."
"Ah, but Hissam, how is the weather looking on the forecast? Is it Sunni, or is it s**...'ite?"