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What do "Jingle Bells" sung by Mike Tyson and a green and red g-string have in common?

They're both Christmith Thongs.

Two ornithologists were listening to a bird call...

...they heard it sing "fourtimesthreetimestwotimesone". It took a pause and then sung "equalstwentyfour". They looked at each other slightly confused, when they heard it repeat the call:"fourtimesthreetimestwotimesone"..."equalstwentyfour". One ornithologist looked at the other and said "I don't think I've ever heard that bird before"; the other one answered, "me either, but I'm pretty sure it's a Fact Oriole".

I just read a story about songs in history and the pitches in which they were sung.

For example, a march to battle was sung around middle D. Gregorian chants were sung from low D to middle G.

It seems that most, if not all, pirate shanties were sung on the high C's.

Sung joke, I just read a story about songs in history and the pitches in which they were sung.

I don't like sunglasses

They're shady

I like my sunglasses like I like my politicians,

Polarized and able to be bought surprisingly cheap.

Christmas Carol not to be sung in Southern California...

Oh the weather outside is frightful...
But the fire is so delightful...
And since you have no place to go....

In honor of a bath time song sung by a fellow dad...

Here is mine:

Wash your body!
Oh yeah.

Clean your body!
Uh huh

Wash your body!

It's bath time tonight!

Let's get clean, alright!

Clean your fingers and your toes...

Wash your face, don't forget your nose

If it's Monday night we wash your hair.

But everytime wash behind your ears!

Sung joke, In honor of a bath time song sung by a fellow dad...

Let's play name the title

Jokes are reposted so many times here, so name the titles of these punchlines

1. Ones a hippo and ones a little lighter

2. How far do you think I can kick this bucket?

3. Obviously not

4. But it wasn't stroganoff

5. Sam sung note 7

6. Measles

7. We went out and had a few drinks. Cool guy, wanted to become a web designer.

8. I wore the wrong sock this morning

9. Unless everyone gets them

10. Set a man on fire and he will be warm for life.

Did you see what Sam did at the talent show?

Sam sung

My 3 sons placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a talent contest judged by Lee Kun-hee

Jake juggled, Daniel danced and Sam sung

Why can't sunglasses have political opinions?

Because they're so polarizing

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What do you call karaoke being sung by a Native American?


My drunk neighbour spent the whole night dancing to the sound of my generator

When I turned the generator off, he asked me who sung the track?
I said, it's Yamaha featuring petrol.

The karaoke party was the bomb

Sam sung

Sam went into Samsung store

Sam went into a Samsung store where he was told that he could win a brand new phone if he sings them a song. What did Sam do?

Sam sung.

Which song was sung about birds, and also sung by birds?

The Byrds- Tern Tern Tern.

Credit- my dad.

Sung joke, Which song was sung about birds, and also sung by birds?

When I took off my sunglasses, my roommate said, "I thought you had blue eyes."

I replied, "Must have left them in my other genes"

What sunglasses can see inside your eyes?

X-Ray Bans

The "Silent Night" song is a lie

It's not silent, and it probably wasn't sung at night.

[true story] My step dad's name is John Sung, and he named his son, Samuel.

One day Samuel overhears his dad say, "I like Samsung over Apple. Apple's so overrated."

And he thinks, "Thanks, Dad."

A whale washed up on a beach and saw a person eating a burger

He sung We are family
Even though your fatter than me

Sunglasses manufacturers and Hitmen have something in common.

They are both into shady business

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