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37 sunburn jokes and hilarious sunburn puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about sunburn that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

Make fun of sunburns with these witty jokes! From sunburn peeling, ginger sunburns, Irish sunburns, and good-natured sunburns, you'll find a joke to bring some levity to the situation. So, while it's important to practice civility and put on sunscreen, a few sunburn jokes can be a great way to cut off the tension.

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Best Short Sunburn Jokes

Short sunburn puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The sunburn humour may include short burns jokes also.

  1. The letters in the English alphabet go to the beach (don't ask me why). Every letter gets sunburned except W, X, Y and Z. Why? They had UV protection in front.
  2. Why did the Republican get a sunburn? Because the sunscreen instructed to apply liberally and he was unwilling to compromise.
  3. I've been taking viagara for my sunburn. It doesn't cure it...... but it does keep the sheets off my legs at night.
  4. I got really bad sunburn after falling asleep on my stomach at the beach... I wanted emergency medical attention but 911 never returned my call. I guess they put it on the back burner.
  5. I told my roommate he should date girls that sunburn easily... He might find them more a peeling
  6. Why do gingers get sunburned so easily? It's nature's way of telling us to lock them indoors
  7. I got a sunburn on the beach yesterday whilst reading about trigonometry. should see my tan lines today
  8. Aren't dad jokes great? I got a bad sunburn a week ago, and my skin is staring to peel of.I guess you could say that it's.....appealing
  9. I think I killed my best friend. He asked me what was the best thing for sunburn and I told him, "Sit in the sun for eight hours."
  10. When I am over the age of 65... If I get a bad sunburn. Please don't call it a sunburn, call it Pre-bake for cremation .
Sunburn joke, When I am over the age of 65...

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Sunburn One Liners

Which sunburn one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with sunburn? I can suggest the ones about fire burn and sun tan.

  1. What do you call a sunburned librarian? Well red.
  2. How can you identify a French Infantryman? Sunburned armpits.
  3. Do black people get sunburns? I don't know... Most prisons are indoors.
  4. How do you treat a sunburn in Hawaii? With Aloe-ha Vera!
  5. Why do sunburned people get more dates? Because they're a peeling . . .
  6. What does a pig put on it's nose for a sunburn? Oinkment!
  7. What happens when you get a sunburn at the beach? You become Bernie Sanders.
  8. What do you call a Canadian with sunburn A Dual Citizen, Eh?
  9. What do you call an Asian with a sunburn? Rice Krispy
  10. What do you do when you're sunburned? Make like a banana and peel.
  11. What do you call a Canadian with sunburn A tourist
  12. In what country can you get a sunburn on your Patella? Tanza-knee-a
  13. What did the chick say to the sunburned dude? I find you a-peeling
  14. What do you call someone with a bad sunburn? Appealing.
  15. I was just applying aloe to my sunburn when I thought.... Rub it in why don't ya

Sunburn joke, I was just applying aloe to my sunburn when I thought....

Cheeky Sunburn Jokes that Will Make You and Your Friends Chuckle

What funny jokes about sunburn you can tell and make people laugh? One example I can give are clean sunscreen jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help make sunburn prank.

A man is sunbathing on a n**... beach

To prevent a sunburn, he covers his most important o**... with a hat.
A woman passes by and notices the hat.
She says, "Sir, a real gentleman always lifts his hat in front of a lady."
The man replies, "Ma'am if you were a real lady, the hat would've lifted itself."

A man decided to sunbathe on the beach.

He took all of his clothes off, except that he covered his private parts with a hat to prevent a sunburn. As he's sunbathing, a woman walks past him. She looks at the man and snidely remarks:
"A true gentleman would always tip his hat for a lady."
To which the man replies:
"Ma'am, if you were a true lady, it would tip itself."

What did the sunburnt manatee say?

Man a tee shirt would be nice

I was playing outside all day with my daughter and when we got home, we noticed that I was completely sunburn!

She asked me, "Daddy, why didn't I get sunburn?"
I guffawed, "You can't, honey!"
She looked at me quizzically, "Really?"
I smiled, "You can only get daughterburn!"

I just created a web site for English girls who got a sunburn at the n**... beach.

It's called Redtit.

A watched p**... never boils

but a redhead will sunburn regardless of witnesses

Sunburn joke, In what country can you get a sunburn on your Patella?

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