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It was announced yesterday that the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will make all of its medals from recycled cellphones.

Well, they're going to make the Olympic torch out of a Samsung Galaxy.

As a spectator at the last Summer Olympics, I saw a guy walking around carrying a 10 foot long stick...

"Are you a pole vaulter?" I asked.

"No," he responded. "I'm a German. But how did you know my name is Walter?"

A reporter is looking for someone to interview at the Summer Olympics

He sees a man carrying a twelve-foot pole and asks, "Excuse me, are you a pole vaulter?"

The man replies, "No, I'm German. But how did you know my name is Walter?"

Little known fact about me: I was supposed to compete in the 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul...

...but I suffered a Korea ending injury.

I watched a documentary about the 1936 summer Olympics in Berlin

It seemed like a wonderful event, but it made me uneasy every time the officials said, "Let's make this a good, clean race."

Why does Mexico always underperform in the summer olympics?

Because everyone that can run, swim or jump is in USA.

What happens when you don't make the summer Olympics?

You luge.

What event will Mexico win in the next summer Olympics?

Hurdles, high jump and pole vault.

What did the Russian athlete say when he was stung by a mosquito during the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro?

zika blyat

Why is there no Mexican Summer Olympic Team?

Because anyone that can run, jump, or swim is in the US already

Breaking News: Russian Roulette to make a comeback in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

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Why is FIFA never on the same year as the summer olympics?

Because all the players are on the diving team.

Hear about the 2020 summer olympics?

They're going to hold the water sports in Houston.

Chuck Norris can won the winter Olympics...

In the summer.

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