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For my summer job, I worked at the zoo, circumsizing elephants

The pay wasn't great, but the tips were enormous!

Summary of all famous dancing movies.

You better step up and save the last dance before you get served stomping the yard, honey.

My summer job

So last year I had a job masturbating on webcams for money. My stage name was The Helpful Tool because I always came in handy.

Last summer I planned to elope with my Cherokee fiancΓ©

but she had her reservations.

This summer, while visiting Europe, I had a blast in Florence.

She seemed to enjoy herself too.

Every summer I go to Grammar Camp

we discuss creative ideas and pitch our new tense.

So summer is coming up and i think I'm in good enough shape to pull off a two piece.

The hardest part is just chasing her down.

Summ joke, So summer is coming up and i think I'm in good enough shape to pull off a two piece.

This and That are both on summer break.

That is heading to Florida. This has plans to travel somewhere, but he won't give me the details.

i have no idea where this is going

Summer was especially good this year in Canada... If I recall correctly it was a friday

Summer body wasn't ready..

But winter body is good to go!

During the summer, a kid started a yard work business....

...After several weeks his mother noticed he was becoming more and more depressed. She asked her son, "why are you so blue lately, your business is doing great"?
The son replied, "Mow money mow problems".

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Summer in Scotland. . .

Is the best day of the year.

A brief summary of Indian traffic rules

Red means go and Green means go faster.
credit - madrascalcutta

Summing up things about this year

2015: I am officially THE WORST YEAR EVER!

2016: Hold my beer.

Summer weather is like a terrible dating profile...

"24 but feels like 36."

Just as summer starts, my car's engine is starting to sound strange.

Talk about poor timing.

Summ joke, Just as summer starts, my car's engine is starting to sound strange.

How do you summarize a bawdy song?

Per verse.

It' summer time, you know what that means...

No more school shootings for 2 months

Look it's Summer now and I'd like to emphasize how dangerous it is to leave your dogs inside the your cars...

Speaking from a personal experience I did it once and lost my job as a police officer.

Summer school shootings

Are modern natural selection.

During the summer, Chuck Norris refuses to deal with the heat.

The heat deals with him.

My summer camp, which was all about focus and blocking out distractions, did really poorly this year

Apparently no one wants to go to a concentration camp

Why is summer the worst season for programmers?

Because it's filled with bugs.

On his Summer holiday, the insomniac couldn't contain his excitement anymore - "Guys...'s only one more sleep till Christmas!"

This summer was driving down the highway when it saw police lights flashing in its rear view window...

It, being the good summer it is, pulls over and the cop approaches its car window. The officer leans in and says, Summer, do you know fast you were going?

Summer, without hesitation, lights a cigarette and puffs, I don't know, Sir. Too fast?

Q: What is the summit of calm ?

Q: What is the summit of calm

Summ joke, Q: What is the summit of calm ?

How do you know when summer arrives in Canada?

When people take off their toque before they skate.

As a summer job I would work for the circus, my job was to circumcise the elephants...

The pay wasn't that good, but the tips were HUGE

It's almost summer!

Time for Americans to start getting bleach body ready

My summer job in high school involves getting up at 1 in the morning with a glass of water and a paintbrush.

It isn't very high paying, but I make dew.

A Summer Party

One summer day a family was having a party, nothing unusual.

Until a line started to develop, the neighbors saw and decided to walk over. They asked, "What is this line for?"

The host responded, "This is the punch line."

How's y'all's summer bods looking?

Mines looking like I have a great personality.

Last summer I traveled to Paris with a buddy of mine. I suggested we could visit one of the famous parisian brothels, but he decided to spend the evening reading his philosophy books.

He really put Descartes before the whores.

A summary of the world's religions

Catholicism: Shit happens.
Protestantism: Let this shit happen to someone else.
Judaism: Why does this shit always happen to us?
Hinduism: This shit has happened before.
Confucianism: Confucius says "Shit happens"
Rastafarianism: Let's roll up this shit and smoke it.

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Last summer I started smoking

It was all Dunhill from there

Last summer I rode a dolphin on accident.

Usually it's on porpoise.

It is Summer - down at the beach today a guy was yelling "Help, shark, HELP"!!

I had to laugh because I know for a fact that the shark was not going to help him...

During the summer a local police station developed a mosquito problem

They deployed the swat team.

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