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Just saw on the news that Apple is suing Samsung:

They claim that the Galaxy S3 has copied concepts used on the iPhone 6.

I am suing American Airlines for losing my luggage

Update: I lost the case

Policing the internet.

Complaining to the police about something you've read on the internet is like suing a premium rate sex line for sexual harassment.

Suing joke, Policing the internet.

A man was suing an airline for losing his luggage

Unfortunately he lost his case

Did you hear about the dyslexic druggie lawyer who just finished rehab?

He's already started suing again.

I finally agreed to play doctor with my girlfriend...

now she's suing me for performing a hysterectomy.

I just heard that Budweiser is suing Stella Artois for casting Sarah Jessica Parker in their Super Bowl LIII ad.

Apparently they have a trademark on beer advertisements starring a horse.

Suing joke, I just heard that Budweiser is suing Stella Artois for casting Sarah Jessica Parker in their Super B

I was recently fired from my job operating rides at the carnival

My lawyer has advised suing for funfair dismissal

What do you call a court case in which an immigrant is suing over sexual harassment?

*Alien v. Predator*

Apple is suing Qualcomm for selling them overpriced chips.

Punchline ends.

Why is Jonny Depp's second wife no longer suing him?

In the last couple months he developed Heard Immunity

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I nudged a girl and now her family is suing me

Cruises aren't all the fun they used to be

Went to to the doctor the other day to check my reflexes

Now he's suing me for assault because I made him infertile

Mrs Rosenfeld is suing Mr Ramsay for calling her a pig

Mr Ramsay asks the judge: "is it illegal for me to call Mrs Rosenfeld a pig?"

The judge replies: "yes, of course it's illegal."

Mr Ramsay asks again: "ok, but am I allowed to call a pig 'Mrs Rosenfeld' your honor?"

The judge says: "well yeah, there is no law against that."

Mr then goes to Mrs Rosenfeld and says: "Hi Mrs Rosenfeld!".

How does father Christmas get away with suing everyone?

The Santa Clause

I ran into a movie star the other day...

Now he's suing for assault.

Suing joke, I ran into a movie star the other day...

A lottery winner realizes years later that her life is ruined from having too much money

In a desperate attempt to get her old life back, she's suing the lottery company for millions in damages.

I tried suing Amtrak for misplacing my luggage.

I lost my case.

The Church of Scientology is suing an innocent time traveler.

All he said was that he'd see them last Tuesday.

My mate got sacked off working the dodgems.

He's suing them for funfair dismissal.

In unexpected twist attorney Michael Cohen is suing his Michael Cohen for breach of a confidentiality agreement.

I heard Tanya Harding is suing Colin Kaepernick.

She thinks he stole her idea to take a knee.

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