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I hate when people don't leave a suicide note.

Would it kill them to write few sentences?

I got a paper cut while writing my suicide note.

It's a start.

My therapist committed suicide today.

Hi suicide note read.
"Do as I say, not as I do."

iPod Shuffle

Today, I was playing my iPod on shuffle. The song, "This is Not the End" by The Bravery came on. The next song was "This is the End" by She Wants Revenge. It was followed by "The End." by My Chemical Romance. As soon as the songs finished, the battery promptly died. I think my iPod left a suicide note.

How did the man with no arms commit suicide?

We'll never know - he didn't leave a note.

Whats at the end of every programmers suicide note?

Goodbye World

I don't know the meaning of the word "quit." I was going to look it up, but...

I still have some suicidal thoughts, but most of them have already killed themselves.

I'm a perfectionist. I've been writing and rewriting a suicide note for twelve years. It's killing me.

My friend asked, Must you write so many suicide jokes?
Don't worry. I'll stop soon.

My writer's block makes me want to kill myself

And I would, but I dont know how to start the suicide note.

Why did James Comey refuse to indict Hillary Clinton?

Because he found his suicide note in her Wikileaks emails.

What did the programmer's suicide note say?

Goodbye world

Why did the man commit suicide by helium suffocation?

He wanted to go out on a high note.

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What is a programmers suicide note called?

A goodbye world program

I once tried to write a book about my thoughts

But there's only so much you can put in a suicide note.

A blonde got suicidal after hearing so many blonde jokes.

Her family found a note where she threatened to "self-dye."

Garry Shandling's perfect suicide note

"I'm not mad at anyone. This is just something I wanted to do for myself".

My friend who died last week left a note stating that his girlfriend was the reason for his suicide.

It was the only time in the last 3 years that they were both on the same page.

Year 2108 :A guy writes a suicide note on a paper

_Can't find a tree to hang_

"I beat anorexia!"[OC]

Said the suicide note of a dead anorexic kid with slashed wrists.

What do you call a person flying with a Galaxy Note 7?

suicide bomber

Did you hear about that music composer who commited suicide?

He didn't even leave a note.

A man committed suicide by chopping his head off and left a suicide note in his mouth reading, "I don't need no body."

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