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Sugar is the only word in English language in which "Su" is pronounced as "Shu".

I am pretty sure about it.

Did you know sugar is the only word that begins with an 's' that makes a 'sh' sound?

I'm sure of it.


A blonde would wake up every morning, go into the kitchen, carefully open the lid of the sugar container, look into it and then close it.

This made her new boyfriend very curious. So one day he asked her why she did that. She replied, "My doctor asked me to check my sugar level every day."

Suga joke, Sugar

Sugar is a gateway drug

It gets you addicted to coke

I could never be a sugar daddy

I'm cheap and unhealthy. So I'd prefer to be called a high fructose corn syrup father.

I like my sugar the same way I like my women


How did me and my sugar make our little rosemary?

When things got spicy, it ended with my cumin cider.

Suga joke, How did me and my sugar make our little rosemary?

Why was the sugar out of the office?

Because it was on granule leave!

Sugar and sperm (true story)

During a Science class...

Teacher: Human sperm has sugar as one of his main ingredients.

Female student: Teacher, if it has sugar why it's not sweet?

Teacher: because the area that detects sweetness is the tongue, not the throat.

Why was the sugar ant on my dads car?

Because it was a sweet ride.

(My student shared this with me today. Had to pass it on)

What did the sugar glider say to the squirrel?

I'll put some sugar on those nuts

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You can't sugar coat the truth with fat people...

Or they'd probably eat that too.

Sugar momma got diabeetus

I used to date this big girl who was rich and liked to buy me things. I used to call her my sugar mama until she got she's my splenda mama.

Went for a sugar test.

So I went to the lab for a sugar test. The lab guy wasn't impressed with the cup of sugar.

Sugardaddy and the Tale of a Failed Abortion

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