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A baby roach asks his dad what happens if they get sprayed with Raid.

Papa Roach said, Suffocation, no breathing.

I tried erotic suffocation on the wife the other night when we were having sex.

She obviously didn't like it. She's been lying there for 5 days now giving me the silent treatment!!

Baby Roach: "Papa, what happens if the humans spray us with Raid?"

Papa Roach: "Suffocation. No breathing."

What did the professional diving roach say to his captain right before being lost to the sea?

Suffocation, no breathing, this is my last report.

Why did the man commit suicide by helium suffocation?

He wanted to go out on a high note.

You can die of suffocation by staring at someone's rear.

That's right. You can get ass-fixated.

I heard this story about a Papa Roach and a Mama Roach... the Mama Roach says, "What happens if you get sprayed with the Raid Roach Spray?"



A man walks into a library

and asks for a book on suffocation, and the librarian says

"Would you like a bag with that?"

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a newspaper bag?

One is made of plastic and poses a suffocation hazard to small children. The other one contains newspapers.

"Keep away from children to avoid suffocation" was the best advice I've ever received.

You have to pay for that nowadays

We buried my sister's cat yesterday

-What did it die from ?

-I dunno. Probably suffocation, given the size of the box.

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