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Two ducks check into a hotel for their honeymoon. The we're making out and the male duck said I forgot to bring any condoms! So he phones reception to see if they can help out. Condoms? Of course sir. Should I put them on your bill? ...

No way! If you did that I'd suffocate!

How do you suffocate a redneck?

Tape his mouth shut.

If a were a serial killer I would kill my victims by sitting on their face until they suffocate

The media would call me the Assphyxiator

They say to use condoms if you don't want kids...

It totally works! Once you stretch it over their head, they suffocate it in a matter of minutes!

A guy sprayed so much body spray, causing a few people to suffocate...

He was registered as an axe murderer.

Did you hear about the priest who would suffocate his victims with vegetables?

After finding his latest victim, the headlines read: ANOTHER SOUL CLAIMED, LETTUCE PREY.

Why did the apple workers suffocate?

Environmentally speaking you really should reuse plastic bag's

To suffocate your children

Why did Queen Elizabeth I suffocate to death?

Because she had no heir.

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